Freezing cheese straws

cottagerose, Oct 15, 5:37am
I made some of these today, using flour and cheese. Not pastry ones.
Has anyone frozen them successfully.

petal1955, Oct 15, 6:37am
Well try putting one in the freezer to test. if ok then good.if not you have only wasted one

nanasee1, Oct 15, 8:26am
Frozen them short term e.g. a month successfully. I am sure they would last longer but I was 'hiding' them for an occasion.

cottagerose, Oct 15, 10:10am
Thankyou. I will freeze half of them.

cottagerose, Dec 14, 9:17pm
So I froze them and they are nice eating them straight from the freezer. I think hubby will enjoy with a beer in the summer

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