Continental Chicken Stock - still safe?

datoofairy, Jun 23, 1:42am
I opened a 1 litre of ready made chicken stock last Sunday but only used a little of it. I want to use the rest in a soup today. It smells ok. Will it be ok to use, having been opened, in the fridge, for a week?

rainrain1, Jun 23, 2:51am
Who would know? I'd toss it.

buzzy110, Jun 23, 5:54am
Read the label. Does it have a preservative in it? I bet it has. Second, what does it say about use by once opened, on it?

If it has a preservative and has been sitting in the fridge since opening then it will be just fine.

rainrain1, Jun 23, 8:08am
If in doubt. don't!

nauru, Jun 24, 1:29am
I usually freeze any leftover stocks, gravies and sauces for later use. Easy and no waste.

petal1955, Jun 24, 2:26am
f in doubt. don't!

You must me MADE of money. throwing out things. If it smeels ok and tastes ok. its good.Obviously were brought up with best by/use by dates as your religion !

fruitbat, Jun 24, 2:59am
What's the worst that could happen?

On the toilet for a week.?

rainrain1, Jun 24, 3:54am
How wrong could you be old chap, I never throw anything out, too many mouths to feed, I never look at use by dates either. I don't care then, just go ahead and eat it.

rainrain1, Jun 24, 3:55am
I do this too

sarahb5, Jun 24, 7:46am
Well since you’re no doubt using this in another which is going to be cooked through then I’m pretty sure the stock will be absolutely fine especially if it still smells and tastes ok

cccc3, Aug 19, 1:19am
If it smells ok and looks ok I would use it.

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