Amount of sugar to use in home made tomato sauce

camelot9, Feb 1, 6:24am
Hi, is there a rule of thumb as to how much sugar to use for a given weight of tomatoes when making tomato sauce?
Preferably a minimum amount - I don't want the sauces too sweet.

petal1955, Feb 1, 7:07am
Use the taste test. sprinkle a little till you get the desired sweetness

melford, Feb 1, 7:24am
You don't need to add any sugar but add 1 tsp at the end of cooking and taste as poster above suggests. You can add more if you feel you need to

marcs, Feb 1, 11:08am
I made this recipe below. I also added some smoked paprika to it to give it that smokey flavour. Sauce benefits for sitting for 3 months before use. Kids have asked me to make it again but a lot more because they like it better than store bought stuff. I didn't have white malt vinegar so used a mixture of apple cider and white wine vinegar.

huntlygirl, Feb 2, 8:27am
Instead of sugar l add a pot of fruit mince for a natural sweetness, l am always asked what l add to my sauce. I.make enough sauce for myself and my adult kids as well as my flatting grankids it is getting to be several large pots full. This year l have taught my granddaughter so she can do half next year.

vmax2, Feb 3, 3:10am
No sugar needed at all. Add a little apple cider vinegar which will help to preserve it.

uli, Feb 5, 4:39am
I never put sugar into my tomato or plum sauces. Sweet enough for me. However it depends on what variety of tomatoes you use and how ripe they are, so yes if you need extra sugar put in a few spoonfuls and check how it tastes.

nauru, Feb 5, 7:51am
Would you share your recipe pls? Tomatoes in abundance here, thank you.

..pip.., Feb 5, 8:15am
The sugar is to cut the acid not to add sweetness as such.

camelot9, Oct 27, 1:18pm
Thanks for your replies - sorry I'm late with this.
The taste test by Petal is good advice. I ended up putting in a small amount of sugar (150gms to 3kgs of toms), to start with. But because I was doing the reduction method, the resulting weight of toms would actually be a lot less. So, after several hours, it turned out to be just right without needing to add any more sugar.

I agree with Uli, it depends on the tomato variety - I tend to stick with Money maker and Beefsteak - but i guess it means more experimenting. but that takes time and more garden space.

Thanks once again. Cheers.

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