Butter v/s Olive oil.

jafapat, Oct 1, 5:20am
I use olive oil instead of butter in my breadmaker. Could I do the same while baking muffins, banana loaves etc?

ange164, Oct 1, 6:08am
A lot of the time for "soft" baking like cakes, yes. Not for biscuits or cakes that rely on aeration from the creaming process.

nauru, Oct 1, 8:09am
I use it in my muffins, carrot cake and loaves. I also make a chocolate cake which uses oil instead of butter. For cookies I use butter or marg, depending what I have in the fridge.

herself, Oct 2, 9:49pm
Since this last huge hike in the price of butter I have been using vegetable oil in all my muffin and cake baking that does not call for creaming butter and sugar. All have worked well and the wallet is feeling pretty good too!

flower-child01, Dec 19, 5:04pm
Grapedseed oil if you are going to use an oil in baking, it is lighter and has no taste.

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