Apples 48c kg at PaknSave (KAPITI) this weekend

kaddiew, Aug 12, 12:28am
You'd need to check if YOUR OWN LOCAL PaknSave has this special, but many did last time I posted, when they were (I think) 28c kg. This bin is Cripps Pink; last time each new bin was a different type, incl Braeburn.

Just thought I'd post in case any families want some cheap fruit. Those who leapt in last time and bragged they could get them cheaper at their greengrocer, or felt the need to be negative about it, don't bother, ok?

just4jess, Aug 12, 3:43am
Got some in Lower Hutt store yesterday.
A great bargain. Well worth sharing.

pickles7, Aug 12, 4:20am
gee thanks I hope ours have the same bargain here in Hastings.

kaddiew, Aug 12, 4:33am
Have just cooked up huge bag of the Cripps Pink, and they've made a lovely sweet, sugar-free apple puree for the freezer.

lilyfield, Aug 12, 5:14am
We had them in Rotorua last week, albeit 49 cents, i now feel ripped off.

dibble35, Aug 12, 5:31am
I bought some in Whangarei yesterday for .49c! , ripped off as well. lol. They did have 6 bins there inc the cripps pink, braeburn and i got fuji. I thought i'd try cooking some up and making empanadas with a sweet apple filling, or maybe a apple pudding.

kaddiew, Aug 12, 8:24am
I guess we were all "ripped off " compared to last time, when they were 28 cents kg!

dibble35, Jan 7, 12:17pm
Good apples though aye, there were a few that were bruised or had funny holes and marks but i got some lovely ones. hope they are nice and crisp, eg, havnt been stored long. I'm trying to be more positive about things, and think im succeeding. I had a customer (old lady) on thursday who bitched and moaned and complained to me for about 15 mins about the state of the avocados she was buying in the shops recently. (I work in a plant nursery selling avocado trees etc) She was crowding into my personal space, spitting when she talked, and just ranting. I very patiently listened 3 times to her story and then she went off on a couple of tangents about apples and then illegal subdivisions next door to her. Finally managed to get her out the door with someone else for her to contact (poor sods. lol) . My workmates told me I was a saint, dont know about that, I felt like a deer caught in headlights, and a bit dazed afterwards. Anyway, dont want to end up a bitter and twisted old woman so trying to be a bit more positive.

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