Raspberry white chocolate truffles

darkestangel1, Dec 8, 2:05am
can anyone pls help

robyn35, Dec 8, 6:02am
saw a recipe last week that used raspberry slice cake and white chocolate to make truffles. Was sure i had saved the recipe but now cant find it, did anyone else happen to see it - it might have been on FB but cant be sure

skydancing, Dec 8, 7:08am
I tried all sorts of truffles last Christmas and I seem to remember using a raaspberry slice blended with I think a tin of condensed milk. Roll into balls and refrigerate or freeze before dipping in melted white chocolate. Hope that starts you in the right direction.

fifie, Dec 8, 9:53am
Go to Eatwell101.com search for raspberry white chocolate truffles might be what your looking for.

valentino, Nov 25, 3:58pm
Perhaps have some of that cake rolled into a ball then dipped into White Chocolate to coat all and leave to set.