Raspberry bun icing ?

jfor, Jun 12, 10:39am
Does anyone know how to make the pink icing thats on fruit buns etc.

emmbee, Jun 12, 10:54am
1 cup icing sugar, big knob of softened butter add a bit of boiling water (not much) two drops of cochineal (red food colour) and about 4-5 drops of rose essence/water, mix all with a fork till smooth.

margyr, Jun 12, 7:25pm
you can buy raspberry essence at the supermarket, make an icing as normal some cochineal and a few drops of the essence.

jfor, Jun 12, 10:04pm
thanx for that, ... I want the fluffy soft kind, not the ordinary butter icing one.

bellyatobhs, Jun 13, 3:18am
do you mean the one that has coconut in it?

margyr, Jul 31, 11:12am
just make a mock cream one and colour it then add the essence. Mock Cream
Cream 100g softened butter with 1 cup icing sugar. Add 1 tablespoon of milk and 1/4 teaspoon vanilla essence, replace the vanilla with the raspberry.

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