Sauce for white chocolate cheesecake pls

tumekecus100, Nov 15, 12:51am
I made a white cho cheesecake not long ago but think it needs a berry sauce or something to go with it anybody no of any??? TIA

tipsy_bl0nde, Nov 15, 12:57am
berry coulis maybe?

bisloy, Nov 15, 7:55am
berries and sugar to taste, boil gently.

darlingmole, Nov 15, 8:46am
cranberry sauce (since it's nearly Christmas and all).Have an amazing white choc cheesecake with cranberry sauce on gingernut base ... can't wait to eat it at Christmas!

tortenz, Nov 15, 8:52am

I did this with frozen mixed berries, then strained it at the end.Tasted great, and really simple.You really can't go wrong.Probably make it a less sweet than you think tastes good, just to cut through the sweetness of the cheesecake

tumekecus100, Nov 15, 9:36pm
sounds really easy thanks for that, does it make a thick sort of sauce or is it pretty runny (just wondering re serving)

thanks so much for the ideas

dbab, Aug 8, 10:16am
You could also just pile fresh berries on top.