Bean to cup coffee maker

rats123, Nov 11, 11:51pm
Anyone own one of these? If so would you recommend it?

crazynana, Nov 12, 2:07am
You need to buy the best you can afford.

sarahb5, Nov 20, 3:51am

gayle6, Nov 20, 6:16am
We have had a Jura Impressa J5 for more than 10 years. It makes the best Espresso and Americanos, so much so I can't drink these out as they don't compare! It also can make other drinks but the Espressos and Americanos are what we have quite a few of daily.

dreamers, Nov 20, 6:24am
We also have one as does our son.Love it and that’s after years of having an expensive Saeco machine.

sarahb5, Nov 20, 11:45pm
I love the coffee mine makes but am having a few issues with it at the moment - probably operator error though

dreamers, Nov 21, 12:27am
What are the issues ? We love Jed no 4 beans .

sarahb5, Nov 21, 3:46am
I buy my beans fresh roasted from the local roastery but just bought some back from Melbourne with me.

The coffee is coming out frothy (its not the crema-type foam) and the "puck" isn't dropping out of the filter cup.

dreamers, Nov 21, 8:03am
I have never had the puck not dropping out of filter cup,yet OH has occasionally .i guess you have run a descale through.

sarahb5, Dec 1, 9:46pm
Funny thing is it only stopped dropping out after I last cleaned it

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