Panasonic 2501 breadmaker.

princesskiwi, May 3, 9:03pm
Hey, don't suppose theres anyone out there who has one of these puppies that could answer a quick question for me? My Breville breadmaker died yesterday and when baking bread I've always added breadmaker yeast. i.e for every cup of flour add 1t of yeast. I was just looking in the Panasonic manual (one I'm thinking of buying) and it says 3/4 t in some recipes which doesn't seem like much. Just wondered what you do? TIA

lythande1, May 3, 9:28pm
3 cups of flour - 1 + 1/2 tsp yeast.

gayle6, May 4, 12:10am
I do 3 cups of flour and 2 tsp of yeast. The Panasonic is rated as the best available and I love mine for all types of bread, pizza dough, other doughs, etc.

harrislucinda, May 4, 4:29am

glasshalfull, Sep 27, 11:52am
The Panasonic recipes are bang on so sick to what they say. My favourite is the mixed grain loaf. Perfect every time!

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