Freezing Beans

doree36, Dec 27, 8:47pm
would like to freeze some beans - shining fardenlosa runner and tendergreen dwarf do i have to blanch them first - or would that make them soggy when i cook them thanks in advance Noni R

jia5, Dec 27, 10:29pm
I don't blanch my scarlet runners.

veejay13, Dec 28, 12:07am
I blanch them for 2 minutes. have never tried freezing them without the blanching. I know that peas contain an enzyme which makes the peas very sour to the point of being inedible - that is if they're not blanched before freezing. I think that's why I've always blanched beans - I've just supposed they have the same enzyme, but I'd love to be proven wrong.

lythande1, Dec 28, 3:20am
I don't. Doesn't matter how you do it, they are never as good as fresh

pickles7, Dec 28, 4:03am
You are so right. I found them the nicest when I put them in the microwave for 1 or more minutes [depends on how many in the bag] I don't bother to freeze them at all now. We enjoy beans while they are in season, and give any surplus away.

samanya, Dec 28, 5:55am
Same here . I used to make a Nigel Slater recipe with runner beans, & although it was quite tasty . somehow those jars were left till last.
I haven't found a way to preserve Runner beans that I like . or any beans for that matter, so I pig out on the fresh ones & then wait until the next season.
But that's just my preference.
I would use frozen beans in a stew/casserole but I somehow always forget that they are in the freezer!

..james.., Dec 28, 7:39am
I freeze dwarf beans every year and never bother to blanch them either. They go into curries and casseroles rather than stir fries so the moisture content isn't a factor for me. they still taste nice.

veejay13, Dec 28, 8:30pm
Well, you've all convinced me. no more blanching of beans for me from now on. Thanks everyone!

doree36, Dec 29, 5:15am
i am poster no 1. I have been given a recipe for a "Beautiful Quick Pickle" (many years old recipe) using green vegetables one of the ingrediiants is vinegar - shall i use white of malt ? Thanks for your replies - Noni R Have a Happy New Year everyone - I will=I am 82 in a couple of weeks!

katalin2, Nov 10, 10:08am
I pickled several large jars of curried beans last year- a South African recipe I got off the net- with onions and I can't remember what else- they have been good hot and cold. When I do freeze beans I tend to use them in soups in winter. Prefer giving away the excess generally to freezing.

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