Butter beans instead of Cannelini beans

michelle145, Dec 18, 12:21am
in bean salad? Will this be ok - silly supermarket had NO cannelini beans!! Thanks in advance :-)

buzzy110, Dec 18, 12:24am
I don't see why not. I made bean salad for years and years and what you put in doesn't have to be the same every time. It just has to be beans - legumes and fresh garden beans. There is no specific set of beans to go into a bean salad. Just because KFC makes 'a' bean salad, that doesn't mean that is the only combination to use.

cookessentials, Dec 18, 1:41am
Perfectly fine,just bear in mind that butter beans are far larger. I love butter beans. I also substitute cannelini beans for chickpeas in both of the vege tikka masal that i do as i dont like the hardness of the chickpeas and the taste either.

michelle145, Dec 18, 1:47am
All done, tastes fine, the butter beans are massive though!! LOL!

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