Topping for baked brie entree ?

pauline999, May 9, 8:07am
I'm not a fan of figs but would like some sort of syrupy fruit topping to serve with baked brie. Any suggestions please ?

melford, May 9, 8:35am
Google viralnova - looks good recipe there for Kahlua, Pecan and Brown Sugar Baked Brie

autumnwinds, May 9, 8:58am
A simple apricot or blueberry sauce, with a dash of worchestershire sauce, goes very well with baked brie.

Yum - would go well with the ciabatta just out of the oven.

jobb, May 9, 7:41pm
Morello cherries would be great with Brie. The syrup that they come in can be reduced down to make a nice sauce

articferrit, May 9, 8:06pm

pauline999, May 9, 10:29pm
These suggestions are so good, thank you. Unfortunately (for my waistline) I am going to try them all !

susieq9, May 10, 4:00am
Plum sauce.

awoftam, May 13, 3:08am
Honey and chopped pistachios

bisloy, May 15, 10:21am
Walnuts in a candied sauce I've seen. Looks yum

crosses, May 17, 4:12pm
red pepper jelly or a fruit chutney / sauce

jan2242, Sep 21, 12:40pm
Plum sauce is a winner. I also like beetroot chutney.

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