Pork Loaf

korbo, Jun 30, 3:24am
made this last night. never used pork before always beef.
350g pork mince, 2 fat pork sausages, (squeezed the meat out,
1 chopped onion, 1 grated carrott, 1 grated apple, bit of soya sauce, 1 egg, some breadcrumbs, sprinkle of garlic granules, and large tablespn of peanut butter.mixed all up. sprinkled breadcrumbs over baking paper, on top of old brown paper bag, put the meat on it, formed into a loaf shape, wrapped it up like a parcel, into roast dish, 1 hr 180. it was ever so moist and tasty, enough for tea tonight. very nice cold.

samanya, Jun 30, 4:40am
That sounds like real comfort food, tasty & not too difficult . I'll give this a go when I start buying mince again (have a lot of beef mince in the freezer from a 1/4 cattle beast).
Thanks for sharing.

marcs, Jun 30, 1:14pm
I made a pork meat loaf the other day. I used the Edmonds meatloaf recipe. It did not have any breadcrumbs. Found all the juices came out. Thought next time to add some breadcrumbs or couscous or rice to try.

korbo, Aug 13, 9:44am
potato flakes are a good standby to have to add to soak up juices.

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