Jelly tip cheesecake

purplefalcon, Nov 10, 8:16am
Are a regular maker of the jelly tip cheese cake. Was wondering for a change to make it Black Forest? I’ve always been taught to follow recipes to the exact but think Black Forest might be just as nice. Here’s the recipe

Thinking Whitaker’s Black Forest and then make the chocolate mods and put the cheesecake inside.

Would this work am think of it as a Xmas day treat.

245sam, Nov 10, 9:49pm
purplefalcon, the following recipe is from the former Trade Me Cooks.

"Black Forest Cheesecake
250gm plain or chocolate biscuits, 150gm melted butter, 250gm soft cream cheese, 1 tblsp lemon juice, ½ c castor sugar, 1 tblsp gelatine dissolved in ½ c boiling water, 300ml thickened cream, 425gm tin of stone less black cherries in syrup (drain and reserve ½ c syrup), 85gm packet jelly crystals (berry flavour) Crush biscuits till fine, add butter and mix well. Press into the base and sides of a greased 205x65mm non stick small springform pan. Chill. Beat the cream cheese, lemon juice and sugar until smooth. Add gelatine and then cream, beat for 1 minute. Fold through the cherries. Spoon into the prepared crust and allow to set. Prepare the jelly with only ½ c boiling water, stir in the ½ c of syrup and cool. When cheesecake has begun to set and the jelly is cool, pour over the surface of the cheesecake. Chill overnight before cutting into wedges. Serve with cream and cherries. posted by littlemissy1 " :-))

jan2242, Nov 10, 10:52pm
Yes please, do you deliver? LOL

purplefalcon, Dec 5, 6:46am
Thanks 245sam will give it a go

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