Jam Making Pan please

debz999, Aug 26, 4:25am
Hi all jam makers i am looking for a pan in which jam doesn't burn on the bottom that doesn't cost the earth. my big stock pot has now burnt the bottom twice making marmalde after about 10 minutes of boiling. any ideas please. thanks.

harrislucinda, Aug 26, 4:29am
even a copper bottom jam will burn in the old days they put clear marbles in === did you stir all the time to keep sugar moving until dissolved

debz999, Aug 26, 4:49am
yes stirred until sugar dissolved then receipe (edmonds) said to boil for 20 minutes and after 10 minutes it stuck. did it time before as well. some of the very expensive jam pans advertised say 18/10 stainless

kaddiew, Aug 26, 5:29am
I use a cheap warehouse stock pot and it doesn't burn, maybe because I stir on low heat until the sugar is dissolved and then stir every couple of minutes while it's boiling. And I don't have it on the fiercest boil.

rainrain1, Aug 26, 5:32am
I was going to say, turn your pan down to it's lowest simmer

strowan1, Aug 26, 6:37am
As others have suggested, I think you might have the heat too high. I know recipes say boil, but it's a fine line between a gentle rolling boil and an all out full on boil - then your jam will catch given time. Stirring will stop it settling on the bottom of your pan, I've often found boiling jam can and often does 'spit', but stirring and watching is the way I found works (most of the time)
Lol. Good luck.

debz999, Aug 26, 10:00am
will try that next time. just following the receipe. marmalade still tastes alright though lol

lythande1, Aug 26, 7:52pm
I use my normal cooking pots. You have to watch it! Don't walk away, it will burn the minute you do. And stir it.

punkinthefirst, Jan 2, 1:15pm
Keep an eye out in op shops and second hand stores for an old fashioned preserving pan. I bought mine for $25, and it only ever burns the jam if I have the element too high. I've found that I get more even boiling and a faster set if I make jam on one of those little gas cookers.

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