Chicken Coating Help

Hi Folks. Years ago in Hokitika, we went to a café/milk bar kind of place. The couple there, made a chicken which had quite a yellow coating with herbs in it. It was absolutely delicious. I am retired now and I want to try things out in the kitchen, that I have never had time to do. So anyway I am trying to find a recipe for this coating. Is there anybody out there, that might have an idea about this.
I think the couples surname was Brussovs - well that's what it sounded like, so European. So maybe it is a recipe from their country.
Just putting this out there to see if I can get any help with it.
Thanks folks

Chef_helen149, Jun 3, 6:52 am

Have you tried googling different chicken coatings and batter recipes? Might help narrow it down?

Chef_awoftam, Jun 3, 9:19 am

Most likely crushed cornflakes.

Chef_smallwoods, Jun 3, 10:09 am

what about cornmeal not cornflour or cornmeal flour there is a slightly coarser one that I have used mixed with breadcrumbs that gives a coating similar in colour to the ones you get on schnitzel.

Chef_cgvl, Jun 3, 10:56 am

Could be cornflakes with their own herb mix added. Friend of mine accidentally bought stuffing mix instead of breadcrumbs and, not wanting to waste it, used it instead. She said it was delicious.

Chef_bella95, Jun 3, 11:33 am

Buttermilk and cornflakes

Chef_twindizzy, Jun 4, 12:25 am

Found this, I haven't tried it though.

Chicken breasts -
Good mayo
Grated parmesan
Panko or bread crumbs (add herbs and spices of your choice)

To the crumbs I added:
Garlic salt
Lots of grated parmesan

Slather the chicken breasts with mayo and then roll them in the panko or breadcrumb mixture. Then you bake at 200 deg C until there is no pink. When resting, the chicken will still continue cooking.

Chef_rainrain1, Jun 4, 7:27 pm

There is a crummy chicken recipe in Chelsea Winters book Eat and I have tried it and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Chef_grouch, Jun 4, 8:31 pm

Try chicken maryland recipes.

Chef_oramac, Jun 4, 9:01 pm

Well I just had the most delightful chat with 95 year old Mr Brussovs from Hokitika! Being a Coaster myself I knew he would share his secret with me. He had been out of the cafe since 1980 and is aged 95years old. He was amazing to talk to. So the chicken coating was a Nestle product that they bought in a tin and was just called chicken coating. He said everyone came and asked him and his wife what was in it but they never told anyone! Not sure if the product is still available but there are plenty of suggestions on here for alternatives. BTW his family was from Latvia and he had a very strong accent still. Delightful!

Chef_petmacorpltd, Jun 4, 11:29 pm

FYI - I just looked it up and you can still buy this product.

Chef_petmacorpltd, Jun 4, 11:32 pm

There is also golden bread crumbs.

Chef_marcs, Jun 5, 1:16 pm

Where did you find it please ? Is it available in NZ still ?

Chef_pauline999, Jun 5, 9:54 pm

I've used stale potato chips, finely crushed. They freshen up when cooking and are very nice as a coating.

Chef_norse_westie, Jun 5, 11:42 pm

I am going to try this. It sounds delicious.

Chef_helen149, Jun 6, 8:09 am

i haven't got any of her books, but I will search for it. Thanks.

Chef_helen149, Jun 6, 8:13 am

OMG I am so nicely surprised. His wife, was a friend of my mother-in-law, who lived in Hokitika. I am gobsmacked, because he seemed old then. They are/were a really lovely family, all of them.
Great news. Thank you, you just made my day.

Chef_helen149, Jun 6, 8:16 am

I can't find it. Can you remember where it can be bought?

Chef_helen149, Jun 6, 8:32 am

Think the comment was a wind up . and he won't come back and provide link for where the product is.

Chef_karlymouse, Jun 6, 9:39 am

Great, let's know what you think

Chef_rainrain1, Jun 6, 8:51 pm

I just googled the product and it said was available, but I didn't look to see where. I will go into Trents and see if they have it. Not a wind-up karlymouse.
Helen149 he told me his first wife had died and his second wife died a few months ago. For his age he was very "with it" and asked me to call him again. You should call him if you want to chat. He seemed a bit lonely. I must have been on the phone 20mins or so.

Chef_petmacorpltd, Jun 7, 9:25 pm

Chef_petmacorpltd, Jun 7, 9:28 pm

I've used crushed pork rids and it was delicious. Our local butcher often has it for sale.

Chef_jan2242, Jun 7, 9:40 pm

I didn't believe you were just winding me up. I felt you were genuine, plus you knew too much about Mr B.

Chef_helen149, Sep 5, 3:04 am