Wedding- how much wine

mica3, Mar 3, 12:36am
DD wedding soon. Don't want to run out of wine etc
Have bubbles both alcoholic and alcohol removed for after the ceremony.
Pinot noir, sav blanc and rose for the tables.
Beer come and lemonade and of course water available.
70 people.

duckmoon, Mar 3, 3:34am
When I have had a function, I have gone down to the local bottle store and asked these questions.

There are lots of other questions to ask:
*How long is your function - people are going to drink more at the an event from 2pm until midnight, than from 7pm until 10pm.
* what kind of drinkers are you invited, my mother's church friends are going to drink less than my brother's rugby mates.

duckmoon, Mar 3, 3:36am
Also, what you want to buy will depend on what your family and friends drink.

Channodnay drinking crowd, or Lion Red .
More wine - less beer. or more beer - less wine.

So so many questions.

duckmoon, Mar 3, 3:36am
Also, when is the wedding.
Best time to buy bubbles - Boxing Day - super sales.

moore., Mar 3, 4:15am
1 bottle = 5 small glasses or 4 larger glasses.
I also had a huge amount of fruit punch throughout the whole day / evening that was refreshing.
I split the guest list in half and said to myself these will drink wine and went from there.
We had sparkling, water, beer, juice in between ceremony and reception while photos were taken,, and only allowed 1 sparkling wine per person - there wouldve been more if anyone asked. The staff bought that around on a tray plus nibbles.
for the table we had 2 savs, 2 reds, 1 sparkling. ( also a glass of sparkling was handed around in any wanted for the speeches)
I made up a non alcohol punch which was really nice and couldve made more.
Always water
1 type of beer I think that was Steinlager.
there was also a few lower alcohol ones
we catered for 120, and there was no handy bottle store so had to get it right. Its worrying to think you may run out and therefore I over catered but rather do that then not enough and the bottle store i got it from took it back if it hadnt been opened.
Go with Countdown, they have great wine sales, and often of you buy 6 or more you get a good deal, just keep an eye out

duckmoon, Mar 3, 4:28am
I have just used the Liquor King catering formula webpage.

For a function with 70 people, for more than 3 hours, they suggestion
20x12 bottles of beer (that is 240 servings of beer)
And 50 bottles of wine.
So that is three beer for every person (even the ones that don't drink beer) and nearly a bottle of wine per person (even the ones that don't drink wine).
I know I am not an average drinker - but WOAH!

davidt4, Mar 3, 5:16am
I think most liquor suppliers will supply on a sale or return basis, and if you can arrange that then order more than you think you'll need. In my experience it is better to avoid spirits as things can get out of control if there are youngsters there who get stuck into them.

samanya, Mar 3, 6:19am
Yeah, I was thinking the same about the age of the guests . young people can put away a lot more than older people.
If spirits are on offer, the cost will escalate, cos of the it's 'free' mentality.
Most weddings I've been to lately, only supply a selection of medium priced wines & beer, plus the non alcoholic drinks & that's totally acceptable, in my book.
In fact I can't remember the last 'celebration' event I went to that spirits were on offer (apart from corporate gigs)

duckmoon, Mar 3, 7:39am
check what their terms and conditions of this are.
The place I go to says "labels in original condition" - which means "don't through them all into a chilly bin and have the labels damaged" - which is easy to comply with - if you are aware. But a pain, if you haven't kept the label in good condition, and then want to return.

duckmoon, Mar 3, 7:40am
OP: i think you have asked the right question " how much wine" - I don't remember the last event I went to with an open bar that was serving spirits.

mica3, Mar 3, 7:44am
Thanks everyone .DH did a bit of a buy up at Xmas. Just want to double check we have calculated enough. Trouble don't know what the groom family drinks and half the people are in their late 20's early thirties.
With all your feedback I can do some calculations.

mackenzie2, Mar 10, 12:21am
Just had a wedding, allowed 1 bottle of wine per person, not including bubbles for toasts, we ran out of rose (was a hot day) Only brought a dozen chard (catered for 120 ppl) also allowed 1 doz stubbie beers per male, never ran out, and had drinks left for the day after. so this formula worked for m

gilligee, Mar 10, 12:51am
If you plan to invite me please include soda as I don't drink alcohol nor sugary drinks.

antoniab, Oct 16, 5:41pm
We basically did the same but 74 guests. Didnt run out and had enough for everyone to get on it again the following day at a casual BBQ :)

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