Sparkling wine shelf life?

smoth_007, Oct 12, 5:23am
I have a case of Lindauer which I purchased back in January. Would it still be good to drink?

peter148, Oct 12, 5:33am
Lindauer is never good to drink at any time.However if it has been kept in the case out of sunlight it will be okay for you.

southerngurl, Oct 12, 5:41am
we had a bottle of lindauer given to us for our 1st wedding ann, we cracked it open last night on our 2nd wedding ann and still tasted good...

stasi21, Oct 12, 6:08am
*wonders how people manage to keep wine for that long without drinking it!*

nfh1, Oct 12, 8:59am
It will be fine.


talent.scout, May 25, 12:10pm
I was wondering the same thing.......although lindauer (sp) makes me go like this just after a tiny sip:/