Substitute for Red Wine

bonnie1970, Sep 17, 7:40am
Hi, i'm making a vegetarian sort of stew in the slow cooker and it requires 1 cup of red wine.Q is what could I use in place of Red Wine as I don't have any in the house.Thanks.

shore-trader, Sep 17, 7:42am
grape juice, apple juice, chicken stock

bonnie1970, Sep 17, 7:48am
I'm a vegetarian so maybe not chicken stock but thanks for the other sugestions.

shore-trader, Sep 17, 7:49am
sorry lol i'm half asleep :-)

greerg, Sep 17, 8:43am
Some red wine vinegar,

juli55, Sep 17, 11:53pm
Old Dallie recipe is to use Malt Vinegar and sugar to sweeten the vinegar.Put in sugar to taste and you have "red wine"

bonnie1970, Sep 17, 11:56pm
Thank you everyone :-)

ams7, Sep 24, 7:56pm
Beef Stock?

fruitluva2, Sep 24, 11:12pm
Can make your own vegetarian chicken-like stock easy enough.

buzzy110, Sep 24, 11:22pm
Poster # 1 is a vegetarian!

It is a pity that most cooks these days rely heavily on pre-processed foods. In the summer glut I picked a lot of stock vegetables and fresh herbs, diced them up and dehydrated them. I then whizzed them in my processor till they were quite small. It is difficult to exactly reproduce the fine powder that is the processed product but the end product was so much more tasty than any artificially flavoured and chemically enhanced with hard to digest, processed starches and sugar stock I have ever tasted and I knew what was in it. If you wanted you could add some brewer's yeast.

I just stored my homemade 'stock' in small jars in the fridge and now that it is all used up I wish I'd made more.

peter148, Sep 25, 7:29pm
white wine, lol

jed, Sep 25, 11:07pm
I just love cooking with wine.
Sometimes I even put it in the food.LOL