Wine education please ?

nzldave, Feb 11, 6:09am
I know nothing about wine apart from what I like. What has happened to sauterne ? I can't find it at three major supermarkets. Also can anyone recommend a reasonably priced sweet red wine.

jessie981, Feb 11, 7:41am
Try Googling Sweet Wines. May have some luck. Riccadonna is real sweet & yucky.

nfh1, Feb 11, 8:22am
You do not see many sweet reds around - thankfully! Sorry.

What about Port or sweet sherry.

petal1955, Feb 11, 9:19am
Sautene is drunk as a dessert Wine....A Late Harvest would be very similar.....A nice sweet red that is nice is Velluto Rosso..available in Casks.or the Country Soft Red in the casks......try that and then you can progress to something a little more "gutsy"

artois, Feb 11, 10:02am
thank God it's not around.

Try the white alternative of Moscarto or the clothest would be a fortified shraiz or similair.

nzldave, Feb 11, 10:28am
Does anyone remember Cold Duck ?

mercbens, Feb 11, 5:40pm

corgi731, Feb 11, 6:05pm
Sentry Hill winery in Lepperton, Taranaki.... Do a beautiful Boysenberry wine... Its called Garrison Red Medium... its lovely, if your not into grape red wines....Check out your local supermarkets or see if a bottle store around you can get it in...

olwen, Feb 11, 6:19pm
Some cheapies:
Obikwa (often really cheap on special) do a natural sweet red and a natural sweet white which seemto have had the fermentation stopped early.

In the bubbly section chardon is sweet. You should look for it on special as well.

davidt4, Feb 11, 8:30pm
Sauternes is a French dessert wine (also served with pates and cheeses) made from Semillon grapes.It is available at specialist wine shops and is very expensive.For a cheaper version look for Australian botrytised Semillons.Brown Bros.and de Bortoli make inexpensive ones which are very nice.

zambesi2, Feb 12, 12:21am
Try Brown Brothers - Cienna.It's a beautiful slightly sparkling red.A lower alcohol content as well.It is so yummy and I don't usually drink a red.

iriegirl, Feb 12, 1:49am
How about Lambrusco? Sweet, red, slightly bubbly and reasonably priced

bohemian4, Feb 12, 6:58am
It is really easy. On the whole planet Marlborough produces the very best Sauvignon Blanc. The only decision you need to make is which winery and vintage produces the best. That is great fun. My suggestion is to start your wine experience with the best and stay with Marlborough. After you have learnt to appreciate what I have stated then move on to a Pinot. Try it and enjoy.

maryteatowel1, Feb 12, 7:51am
...i am a sweet wine drinker...not that i drink much...stickies, dessert, muscatel and muscat wines being my favourites...i have found some very good red muscadels at some of the south african food shops...

charlieb2, Feb 12, 8:53am
I'm no expert, but do enjoy my wine. My advise is....... to pick your price bracket first... lol...Already in this thread you will see several layers of pricing differences....If money is no object, go get yourself educated at a wine course or something and find the ones you like... if you are a bit stricter on the budget (and there is nothing wrong with that)try a bit of sensisble supermarket shopping and try different ones as they come up on special...

You should enjoy the wine you drink..... try different ones from time to time. Whats the point in being an expert if you dont like what you drink.... try and test and work out what you likewhether it be $5 a bottle or $5000

charlieb2, Feb 12, 8:55am
Sorry for spelling mistakes, I cant be bothered going back to correct

nfh1, Feb 12, 8:59am
Actually Hawke's Bay makes the best Sauv.

macandrosie, Feb 13, 4:47am
I guess wine is a very personal taste, iI seems the more you drink (hubby) the fussier you become! And that tends to change the price bracket. We live in Southland & I would have to say some of the Otago wines are pretty good too. Crazy thing is the local supermarkets in Otago can sell Otago wines cheaper than the wineries. I've gone from reisling to chardonay to sav blanc!
Sorry I'm no help but if you find one you like, stick with it, but experiment too. What aboutjoining a wine tasting club?

nzldave, Feb 13, 9:17am
Wow !! Thanks everyone. I've always been a beer drinker but lately thought why not a couple of glasses of wine instead of a six pack. I have found over the last couple of days that my tooth isn't as sweet as it used to be. I have tried a moscato and a crimson cabernet (both a bit too sweet). Today I bought a NZ riesling and the sweetness is about right but not that fussed on the flavour. I picked up a small booklet from New World with their top fifty. I plan on trying Yellow Tail Moscato 2009. Anyone tried it ? Comments ?

charlieb2, Feb 13, 9:28am
I think you are going about it the right way nzldave.Good on you for being prepared to try different things.I have found flavours that I like and dislike.. so quite often now, a quick read of the back of a label will let me know if there is a 'flavour' in the wine I dont like....

Good luck and have fun!

nik12, Feb 13, 10:22am
The brown brother's red's and def worth a try. When on special they are pretty reasonable ($12?).The one's I've tried have been very fruity.They are all different, so you'll have to try them all :-)
Five Flax Riesling is my favourite!

beaker59, Feb 14, 3:41am
If you have tried Riesling and like the level of sweetness but not so much the flavour then try a Pinot Gris similar but different if you know what I mean.

pixiegirl, Apr 17, 1:45pm
I second Brown Brother - I dont drink as such but quite like the sweeter Brown Brothers.