Vege fritter recipe: no corn/spinach/cheese?

nunesy, Feb 2, 7:00pm
Am on a restricted eating plan for health reasons and am struggling. Need quick breakfasts, so thought vege fritters might be good so I can prepare them and then just heat them up. But the ones I have found use corn, spinach, chickpea flour, onion, or cheese to make them taste nice, all of which are on my current 'don't eat' list. Does anyone have a good recipe without those foods? Thank you. Or similar to make savoury breakfast muffins. Eternally grateful for any recipes!

ngacooky, Feb 2, 7:17pm
edmonds cookbook has a good vege fritter recipe. what about making a frittata? either in muffin tins or a bigger dish

frances1266, Feb 2, 7:51pm
There used to be a mock whitebait fritter recipe that is made from grated potato, flour and an egg or something like this, guess you could leave the egg out and use baking pdr or bk.soda to leaven. Serve with a mashed peeled apple or apple sauce. They are really tasty.

petal1955, Feb 2, 8:01pm
Grated carrot, grated courgette some brocolli florets, grated potato, add some ground cumin .ground coriander, paprika and add an egg to bind , fry in oil

nunesy, Feb 2, 8:40pm
Thanks for those - never eat courgettes so forgot about them. for further suggestions fyi egg is fine. Just not dairy products and the other veges mentioned. The frittata recipes I know use a lot of cheese so didn't consider them (I think of them like pastry-free quiche).

ngacooky, Feb 2, 10:27pm
If you bulk up a frittata with chopped cooked potatoes and the veges you can eat and then use an egg and milk mix it will be fine. you dont have to use cheese

daarhn, Feb 3, 1:12am
Perhaps if you could narrow down the health reasons in general please? There are many recipes for those for weight loss, heart disease, cancer, bowel stomach issues, rehab, training, etc. Narrowing it down with a few things you like will help all the suggestions.

Has your health provider referred you to a nutritionist or suggested a food plan to follow? Do you have family, friends support around you?

Hope all goes well for you!

pogram0, Feb 3, 1:37am
I have a Japanese pancake recipe I am using at the moment. Half cup of plain flour (although I have been using wholemeal flour), and mix it with 5 oz (around 150 mls) of water. Into this mixture add 2 eggs, salt and pepper and any flavouring you like, such as chicken stock powder and mix to combine. Grate cabbage, zucchini, carrot and add to the above mixture. Cook in batches in a small amount of oil - you can make small pancakes or cover the whole of the bottom of a frypan and make a large pancake. Turn it over to complete the cooking when the bottom is nicely browned. Before turning it over you can add some crispy bacon for added flavor. I copied this recipe from the Better Homes and Gardens Xmas issue. It was taken from a website

uli, Feb 4, 4:55am
Hard to give you a recipe if we only know what you do NOT eat. Why not list what you DO eat?

bassmo1, Feb 4, 5:50am
I do a courgette fritter frequently, I know they are expensive but I really enjoy them.
I courgette, chopped roughly
1/3 cup of gluten free self raising flour
1 egg
Salt and pepper
And some seasoning of your choice, curry powder, cumin, sage or a combination, try different ones.
Put all into a small blender and blend. Heat oil to moderate in a pan, put all the mixture together into the pan and spread it out a little so it's not too thick. Cook on one side for about 3 minutes, flip and cook a little longer on the other side, turn it down if it's going to fast.
Serve with your favourite sauce on top, I use mayonaise and chopped fresh tomato.

fifie, Feb 4, 6:25am
Tell us what you can’t eat, bit hard unless we know what your restrictions are.

nunesy, Feb 5, 2:15am
Thank you bassmo1, I will give that one a try, looks nice and simple. . I don't really want to go into health issues. And yes this food plan has been given by a specialist (short term). For those asking me to list what I do eat. sorry if it was a confusing post, I was originally just asking for veggie fritter recipes that don't include corn, spinach, dairy products, chickpeas or onions. I am researching other food options. But if you're here and can point me to other awesome recipes that would be great. In general, I also cannot eat any fruit (tomatoes too), butter, cheese, soy products, any sugar except coconut sugar, red meat, nuts, sweet veges ie corn/peas/kumara/beetroot, 'tough leaf' veges including spinach and silverbeet. I can eat gluten but have been asked to use mostly rice based products. I can eat chicken, fish, eggs, veges except those listed, white rice, potatoes. Can only have coconut milk (no almond or oat milk). Am ok for dinners, it's mostly breakfasts that are quick to prepare as I am on call and don't always get much warning in the mornings before I need to be out the door. Winter I will do soups and roasts, and just eat leftovers for breakfast but in this warmer weather I really don't feel like those. Hence the veggie fritters. So if you have some great recipes that would suit 'heat and eat' in a hurry, that would be amazing, thanks.

bassmo1, Feb 5, 5:19am
Well thats good nunesy, it's a bit frightening when you get a list like that. You might like to try another idea of mine which is pretty tasty. 125gms of cooked white rice, 1/2 can of tinned fish of your choice, I like wild salmon or sardines in water, microwave chopped carrots and cauli. Pour a wee bit of malt vinegar on the fish, mix all this together in a bowl and add sauce of your choice, I use mayonaise of course, salt and pepper. I find this filling and tasty and it has no ill effect whatsoever on my gutz.

I usually boil 3 cups of dry rice using the lid on method and when it's done, I distribute 125gm lots into freezer safe containers from the warehouse and put them into the freezer so meals are always quick. 125gms of frozen rice takes 60sec to thaw in the microwave.

fefeoc, Feb 6, 7:58am
You might find the courgette fritter recipe I use useful. I chop a handful of mint finely, chop up a spring onion ( if this is not ok for you, maybe chives?) And whisk in an egg and salt and pepper. Then a grated courgette or two, and about a tablespoon of flour ( I'm sure rice flour would be fine) . I add a handful of grated cheese but as you can't eat this, maybe a bit more flour. Mix all together and fry gently in oil till cooked and serve with a squeeze of lemon juice.

fefeoc, Feb 6, 8:00am
As a breakfast dish, could you make yourself a rice pudding, using coconut sugar and coconut milk ? Then you could freeze serving - size portions. This would be good as the mornings get chillier. Just heat up a portion in the microwave and go.

nunesy, Feb 7, 9:23pm
bassmo good idea about the rice storage, thanks (not allowed canned fish either at the moment but will keep the recipe for later). fefeoc thanks for that fritters recipe, it looks very easy (always a plus!). Off to the vege shop today to stock up on courgettes :) And yes rice pudding was suggested but out of any food, anywhere, it's one I loathe the most ha ha. Any form of porridge - I don't even like sitting near someone eating it because of the smell. :) So definitely the fritters are for me!

benthecat, Feb 16, 8:02pm
Grated cauliflower with just enough egg to bind it and whatever seasoning you like. I also add some finely chopped bacon, but you don't have to.

cameron-albany, Oct 23, 5:12pm
I would suggest you get some nutritional yeast to substitute cheese. It has a nice fulsome tangy flavour and perfect to put into fritters and so-forth that usually require cheese. I have lots of vegan/vegetarian family members and nutritional yeast is my go-to when I cook. It's not cheap but you don't need a lot.

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