Chocolate and peanut butter oh yum

july, Mar 14, 12:35pm
I was wanting a yummy chocolate, it was midnight, looking through the cupboards Found it all

Pams Dark Compound Chocolate Chips ( cooking chocolate chips )

Pams Crunchy Peanut Butter

glass or bowl for the microwave ( depending how much you want to put in )

I put 4 tablespoons of Chocolate Chips into a glass, as it was the first time doing this

med heat 40 seconds (if you need more seconds then do it )

3 table spoons Crunchy or smooth Peanut butter ( with crunchy you have nuts yum)

I used a fork and mixed together and oh my it was SO SO nice I am going to try making it in a bowl next time, but I will use the whole bag of chips and I whole jar of peanut butter, I will put it into mini paper cups then I am going to put it into the fridge and after that I will eat them hahaha , but I will wait till they get hard in the fridge first.

dibble35, Mar 14, 4:58pm
That would make a nice spread for your toast too, if you could keep it spreadable.

eljayv, Mar 14, 7:52pm
Whittakers peanut butter chocolate.

strawdb, Mar 14, 11:53pm
I tried it in my muffins this morning oh my it was just so good I ate 4 now I am full and ready to go for the day hahaha will keep trying out all sorts of different ways but yes it will spread on toast as it only takes a few seconds to make it

lyndunc, Mar 15, 12:19am
Sounds so yummy!
I make little nibbles with melted dark chocolate mixed with cooked pumpkin seeds (and add other seeds if you want) and they are yummy and the pumpkin seeds I figure are good for me. lol. Does help with the chocolate urge, they are about a dessertspoon size. (80g dark chocolate and 1 cup of seeds).

nauru, Mar 16, 5:45am
I make peanut butter cups which have a base made of ground peanuts and oatbran and then topped with chocolate, they are unbaked and I make them in silicone mini muffin cases. My Granddaughter who has a weakness for Reeces peanut butter cups loves them. Let me know if you would like the recipe and I can post it.

samanya, Mar 16, 6:21am
I wish I hadn't read this thread . two of my favourites together!
I can't 'unsee' it & temptation to try is strong, & it's stuff I try to avoid & fails sometimes.

july, Mar 16, 10:23am
I would love your recipe Please they sound so so good please post it on here I will find it

kay34, Mar 17, 5:18am
Snickalicous Slice by Chelsea Winter, divine, set to make it tonight.

nauru, Mar 17, 5:55am
july wrote:
I would love your recipe Please they sound so so good please post it on here I will find it[/qu

Peanut Butter Cups
I cup roasted nuts (I use peanuts or almonds)
1 cup oatbran
2½ Tablsp peanut butter
1 teasp vanilla
pinch salt
pinch cinnamon
1-2 Tablsp maple syrup
2-3 tablsp coconut oil
melted chocolate
1-2 teasp coconut oil melted
pinch Hymalayan salt
shredded coconut

Place nuts into a processor and process until a powder. Add remaining ingredients and process until combined & sticky dough forms. Put 1 tablesp dough into a silicone muffin cup, press into case (¾ full).
Topping: Add the coconut oil to the chocolate and mix well.
Top each cup with melted chocolate and sprinkle with coconut. Chill overnight or freeze for an hour.
Note: I use mini muffin cases (as we find them just the right size for us) and pop the filled cases into the freezer while I melt the chocolate and make the topping. I find it easier to top the cups if they are set as the dough is sticky. You could use butter instead of coconut oil if you prefer. You could also use golden syrup or honey instead of maple syrup too, it's up to you. Enjoy.

fey, Mar 20, 10:12pm
I make homemade peanut butter and chocolate about once a month.
Flavour was better than anything I have ever bought. Used dark chocolate mainly but add milk chocolate to sweeten a bit. Smooth peanut butter ( have used chunky but didn't like the texture).
Have had to stop telling friends/family I am making it though or they turn up.

blands70, Mar 20, 11:28pm
Slice bananas, sandwich two slices together with peanut butter, freeze on a baking tray. When frozen, take out and cover in melted dark chocolate. Put back in freezer to set. Eat frozen or thawed. Sooooo yum.

sarahw2, Oct 13, 11:07am
Goodness me!

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