Sausage makers

eljayv, Jan 1, 12:45am
So now please help me out with which casings are best for home use I am thinking the 22-24 sheep but am uncertain and also best place to buy. I don’t really want a lifetime supply of the wrong type ))

samanya, Jan 1, 1:01am
I get mine from the local home kill/abbattoir guy . I have no idea what size they are or what type (they are real intestines) & they cost around $16.
They are heavily salted, so they keep for yonks in the fridge.

holly-rocks, Jan 1, 6:23am
I’m the same as Samanya =)
Just ring the butchers and explain you want them for sausage making and they will help you out. Not all butchers carry them (in our area ) they sometimes need to be ordered in.

lythande1, Nov 8, 5:14pm

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