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samanya, Feb 28, 1:56am
I've just finished a jar making Baba Ganoush & I would like advice as to the best to buy again . I can detect a slight after taste with the one I've had, it was unhulled.

davidt4, Feb 28, 2:34am
Hulled tahini is my preference as it doesn't have any bitter aftertaste. If there is a choice go for the jar with the furthest away use-by date.

samanya, Feb 28, 2:41am
Thanks davidt4 . I knew that you would be able to advise.
I only use it for hummus & Baba Ganoush . have you any tips for what else it could be used for?

davidt4, Feb 28, 2:47am
Braised Silverbeet & Chick Peas with Onion and Tahini Sauce

Serves 4 – 6

2 onions finely sliced
½ tsp salt
125 ml olive oil

large bunch silverbeet (leaves)
2 c cooked chick peas
50 ml olive oil
½ onion diced
1 clove garlic
1 tab coriander seeds roasted
1 tsp ground cumin

2 lemons
salt & pepper

1 clove garlic crushed with ¼ tsp salt
125 ml tahini
100 ml lemon juice (or more)
cold water

Break up onions with salt and combine well. Leave 15 min, rinse and squeeze water out. Heat oil to smoking hot and fry onions 8 – 10 min until brown. Drain.

Shred silverbeet. Heat oil and sauté onion & garlic until soft. Crush coriander, add to pan with silverbeet, chick peas, lemon juice, salt & pepper. Cover and cook 20 min, remove lid to evaporate liquid.

Mix garlic with tahini, then lemon juice, thin with water to pouring cream consistency. Check acidity and salt - should be very lemony.

Pour sauce over silverbeet, then onions, sprinkle with paprika.

davidt4, Feb 28, 2:47am
Lebanese Fish with tahini and walnuts

serves 4 - 6

900g white fish fillets e.g. John Dory
2 tab olive oil
½ tsp paprika
flat leaf parsley to serve


4 cloves garlic
1 medium-hot chilli, chopped
35g walnuts
1 tab chopped coriander leaves and stalks
1 tab oilive oil


60 ml lemon juice
70g tahini
¼ tsp salt

Heat oven to 200C.

In miniprocessor mince garlic, chilli, walnuts and coriander. Add oil and salt and mix to a paste.

Combine ingredients for sauce, thin with a little water if necessary

Lay half of the fish filets in a baking dish, spread with filling, lay remaining fish on top.

Cover with foil, bake about 20 min. Remove foil, pour sauce over, bake a further 5 - 10 min until just cooked.

Sprinkle with paprika and parsley leaves to serve.

davidt4, Feb 28, 2:48am
Beetroot Hummus

makes 500 ml

500g beetroot
3 tab tahini
1 clove garlic
2 tab ev olive oil
2 tab lemon juice
1 tab apple cider vinegar

Heat oven to 200 C. Wrap beetroot in foil and roast 30 - 40 min until tender. Cool, peel and chop roughly.

Place beetroot in food processor with all other ingredients, process until smooth. Check seasoning.

Will keep in the fridge 5 days.

davidt4, Feb 28, 2:50am
Dirty Eggplant (George Calombaris)

serves 4

2 med. eggplants
2 1/2 tab olive oil (plus extra to garnish)
110g tahini
juice of 1 lemon
100g pine nuts, toasted
50g raisins
dill and mint leaves to garnish

Heat barbecue grill on high, pierce eggplants all over, grill until blackened all over (or roast in oven at 200 C 30 min). Place in bowl and rest 15 min.

Remove skin and discard any resting juices. Cut in half and press to spread out slightly.

Combine oil, tahini, lemon juice and 3 - 4 tab water, add salt to taste.

Dress pine nuts and raisins with a little dressing and put on top of eggplants, trickle the rest of the dressing over, garnish with a little extra oil and herbs.

samanya, Feb 28, 3:51am
Oh yum.
All copied & printed off . thanks.

frances1266, Feb 28, 5:44am
I always add a little soy milk to my tahini dressings, think it softens it up a little. I love tahini dressing and could have it on anything.

mjhdeal, Mar 3, 2:51am
I make this salad dressing a lot - it's so good, you could pour it over old socks and they'd taste like awesomeness. Instead of old socks, though, I usually put it over a combo of raw/cooked vegetables. New life for leftover vegetables?

The recipe says to use sunflower butter, but when I was out of that, I used tahini, and it was just as good.


samanya, Mar 3, 3:24am
That sounds delicious. mouth watering!

mjhdeal, Mar 3, 3:33am
It really is!

I checked my notes I made on the recipe, I only use 1 tablespoon honey, not 3.

Also, I always double the recipe. Easier to blend, and it lasts ages in the fridge.

ed65, Mar 3, 3:45am
I bought tahini for the first time this week as I plan to try this Carob Brownie recipe http://www.bite.co.nz/recipe/10004/Carob-brownie/?frmcol=1276

It seems similar to those yummy bliss balls you can make from dates/nuts/coconut but as I have some carob powder that needs to be used up this month, I thought I'd try this brownie version.

samanya, Mar 3, 3:46am
Thanks, I bought a jar of hulled Tahini this time, so am keen to try different recipes.
I suppose sunflower seed butter is made the same way that I make peanut butter. roast & whizz.

motorbo, Mar 3, 3:49am
gosh i agree and have bookmarked that dressing. sounds delish

mjhdeal, Mar 3, 4:19am
That's exactly how I make my sunflower seed butter (aka sunbutter!).

I used to make almond butter, but sunbutter wayyyyyyyy cheaper and easier to make. Doesn't taste the same, of course, but I only ever use it in salad dressings, so don't notice the difference.

awoftam, Mar 3, 5:18am
MMmmmMM! Sounds like a bit of me. Am going to make this weekend. I can just imagine how it tastes and smells nom nom nom esp with a herb coleslaw and some chopped peanuts on top.

Question - do you use the same amount of tahini as sunflower butter? Seems a lot?

samanya, Mar 3, 5:35am
It's probably only about a couple of tablespoons.

awoftam, Mar 3, 5:39am
That's what I was thinking, samanya. You can always put more in. you can't take it out.

That brought back a memory. I was explaining this to mum as I was making salsa verde with tomatillos and adding fresh green chilli. Then I took a taste and my head blew off LOL. It mellowed as I hoped it would. She almost cried she laughed so much.

samanya, Mar 3, 5:47am
haa . I made some Sri Lankan chutney yesterday (got the recipe from here, but didn't get the posters name, would love to thank them) & it was blardy hot, but even today it's mellowed & delicious.
I have a huge bush of chillis & sometimes when I add them to a dish, I feel as if my lips are about to fall off!

awoftam, Mar 3, 5:50am
Sounds yummy! I vaguely remember that recipe being posted. was it from daarhn?

samanya, Mar 3, 5:54am
No, not daarhn . way before he/she started posting.
If you want the recipe, I'll put it up later, for you.
About to have dinner & then watch MC.

awoftam, Mar 3, 6:05am
Yes, please, I would like to have it if you don't mind. Yes, dinner calls, and then MC.


samanya, Mar 3, 6:37am
OK . here we go. I made half the recipe & got about a dozen jars, some larger & some smaller ones.
5kg fresh red tomatoes
140g fresh garlic peeled
140g fresh root ginger
7 - 8 small dried red chillies . 6 - 7 big fresh chillies work well, too (I used 3 )
2 tspns salt
2 tspns cumin
1 tspn cinnamon
1 tspn ground cloves
1875 mls malt vinegar
4.5 white sugar ( I usually substitute a small amount of jam setting mix sugar, as other wise the simmering can take twice as long as it says to get the right consistency)
Blanch the tomatoes in boiling water & skin
Chop roughly & simmer in their own juice for 20 mins
Chop the garlic, ginger & chillies in a food processor until fine
Add to the tomato mixture
Next add the salt, spices & vinegar
Bring to the boil & then add the sugar & bring back to the boil.
Simmer for 1.5 hours until the mixture reaches a jam like consistency
test as for jam
pour into clean hot sterilised jars & seal
I found it took longer . to reach the jam like stage & even though it passed the 'jam test' it looked very runny in the jars, but the left overs in the fridge, have firmed up well, today.
I'd love to acknowledge the person who orin=ginally posted it, but don't recall, who it was.

awoftam, Mar 3, 8:15am
Thanks so much. Appreciate your tip re the jam setting mix too.

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