Lamb shanks and white wine

autumnwinds, Jun 17, 11:47am
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jia5, Jun 18, 1:49am
I always lay bread on top of them when finished , it soaks up the fat then can be ladled off.

huggy5, Jun 27, 7:20am
I'm looking to try this recipe:
But it seems like a lot of white wine per shank, has anyone tried a similar recipe where you use foil and individually wrap the shanks with about 1/2 glass of wine? I don't usually use wine with lamb - does it taste okay?
I don't like the stewy lamb shank recipes so am hoping this will give just as tender a result.

rainrain1, Jun 27, 7:34pm
The recipe sounds all good to me, put less wine if you think it's too much, it will be delicious I'm sure

paora-tm, Jun 27, 10:19pm
The amount of wine looks ok to me. I don't know what the consistency of the juices would be like but I think I would probably be tempted to thicken them a little with cornflour - not too much.

karlymouse, Jun 28, 12:16am
My problem with this recipe would the fat from the lamb skin stewing into the juices making it inedible unless it was cooled and skimmed . I find this with all lamb shank recipes. the taste of the fat needs to be removed from any sauce.

twindizzy, Jun 28, 12:22am
only ever used red with lamb

blands70, Jun 28, 3:02am
I would have thought red wine would be better . and how crass to serve food in tinfoil to the table!

And the sooner someone comes up with an eco friendly alternative to tinfoil, the better. Can't stand the stuff.

awoftam, Jun 28, 6:21am
So it doesn't compete with the taste of the butter mmmmmmmm. Could fry the shanks off first, would get rid of some of the fat. The are so ridiculously expensive now anyway; was far better a few (several) years ago when they weren't so trendy!

samanya, Jun 28, 6:42am
Yeah, I agree, the moment a meat cut becomes 'trendy' the prices skyrocket.
Stuff that a lot of rural women of my mother's vintage have used for years (or chucked to the dogs) used to be dirt cheap, but wholesome nourishing meals were made, with a bit of skill & time & they were delicious (I didn't always appreciate them, I have to say). now those same meats are in the 'luxury' dept, price wise.

lazkaz, Jun 28, 6:42am
I love lamb shanks and slow cook them, in the slow cooker, it did not sound as though he used all the wine, could be wrong there, but he said a swig in the recipe, maybe the glass or two was to help the afternoon flow by. I use baking paper like you can use foil. Or tight dish. Yummie, I do not remove fat. I'm on a liquid and puree diet due to surgery and that will be my first real meal, roll on a year later!

lythande1, Jun 28, 6:48am
The wine is instead of stock. Cooking that long cooks the alcohol taste out anyway and will contribute to a nice jus or gravy if you prefer.

autumnwinds, Jun 28, 7:34am
Oh, that's easy! Check out op shops for small lidded casseroles (you can find oval and round ones), and seal the lids (each cooking) with a rope of flour mixed with water to make a dough.

An oldie, but a goodie.
And eco-friendly as the small, one-person, casseroles are re-usable over and over - for soups, stews, casseroles, and desserts.

buzzy110, Jun 28, 9:22pm
OMG. That is just the most awesome suggestion I have seen regarding eco-friendly "tinfoil". This is something I am definitely going to be doing. I just love the idea of using flour and water as a dough sealer around the edges.

And as there would be less evaporation going on the OP could use less wine/stock.

westward1, Jun 28, 11:55pm
That has just taken me down memory lane, I remember my nana and mum doing that, I hadn't remembered it for 50 years. Geez, where has that 50 years gone, I still feel 20.

rainrain1, Jun 29, 5:24am
The fat has all the flavour, lovely. have just been given a couple, I must remember to take them out of the freezer soon and make us a meal

awoftam, Aug 23, 6:00pm
Ha ha that made me smile - I swear I have stayed around 34 while everyone else has got older lol. Its what's on the inside that counts.

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