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pickles7, Jun 9, 4:52am
500 grams of lean cubed beef
2 Parsnips sliced
2 carrots sliced
1 onion diced
1 level teaspoon of curry powder
1 teaspoon of salt
1/2 teaspoon of ground pepper
1 teaspoon of soy sauce
2 cups of frozen peas
1 cup of water.
Slow cooked 4 hours in a Small Zip, slow cooker. I find that a lot faster than my larger low cooker.

rainrain1, Jun 9, 6:33am
yum, will try this one,

samanya, Jun 9, 7:21am
I'm sure you have cooked a heap of similar recipes, as have I but it will be still very pleasant.
To me, that's a beef mince recipe to serve on toast (sorry pickles) ;o)
To me these days, slow cooked beef stew has to be a little more 'gutsy', like a Boeuf Bourguignon type . is it just me, that wants more flavour . have I watched too many MasterChef programmes on TV?

wendalls, Jun 9, 8:36am
Have to say I agree samanya, although don't want to be annoying to pickles for saying so. And my stews are always different. Sometimes delicious and other times so so. I never make exactly the same recipe. I've also become fond of using my Le creuset on the stove top if I have the time or pressure cooker if I don't!

usualsuspect, Jun 9, 3:12pm
have been looking for something like this so will try it soon thanks

beaker59, Jun 9, 10:27pm
To some people simple good recipe's like this are just too basic like a couple of commenters above yet to some people who are beginners or just venturing into such cooking its a useful thing to hear how its done. I would add a few comments though for a beginner.

The best meat is actually the cheap gravy beef or brisket with a bit of gristle and connective tissue because that melts and softens in slow cooking to become that succulent jelly. Some fat isn't too bad either as it builds richness and flavour.

You should brown the meat in a frypan with a little oil to get some colour and flavour. Fry the onions a bit too they come out sweeter and softer.

I would add in a tablespoon of flour too at the end of the browning stage to thicken it up a bit. stir it into the hot oil or cold water before adding.

We have a few meals like this at this time of the year cheap easy and delicious. My ones are generally allot bigger though to feed the resident army here.

rainrain1, Jun 9, 11:50pm
I don't try to cook like a Masterchef champ all the time, have other priorities :) I will be making the one above as soon as I get my hands on some beef, I love to have a these quick easy slow cooker recipes to go to in a hurry.
No beef, no mutton, in my freezer. did I marry a man of the land or what?

pickles7, Jun 10, 12:21am
Simple nutritious meals are what we need. I would have once browned the meat and vegetables, I just wanted to get it on and out the door. To be honest I would cut out browning when I use the slow cooker from now on, nothing is wasted, and it was delicious. My husband has requested the rest with dumplings, tonight.

samanya, Jun 10, 12:33am
Sorry, I didn't mean to offend anyone. Simple & nutritious is of course most important. I certainly don't try to cook like a MC either, but these days I like a bit of ooomph . my taste buds might be failing, maybe & I don't have a tribe to cook for.
I agree with the connective tissue thing . love that lovely jellyish stuff.

samanya, Jun 10, 5:31am
Absolutely 'this'.
We all had to start cooking somewhere, didn't we?
I learned some things from my mother & grandmother (& I learned what never to cook, that I hated as a kid) & the rest of the ongoing cooking journey was from recipe books & the internet & I'm still learning . aren't we all?

pickles7, Jun 10, 11:22pm
Ha ha ha, I get it. Like the Plummer and electrician, they can never get time to do the jobs at home. I cooked so many meals during my working life, My husband cooked all the meals at home, and still dose a lot now.
Some folk will have to slow down themselves one day. We have reached that stage now, and am enjoying it.

fifie, Jun 11, 12:03am
I like all stews in winter, with the onset of cold weather ive raided the freezer for home kill beef and made a couple of sc meals of sweet/sour beef for a change, yummy with a good frosted mashed swede and spuds for a good old fashioned comfort meal. You can also make meatballs in the sauce from a bag of mince in sc to if you want
Sweet sour beef.
Stewing, braising, or blade steak cut into chunky pieces. i like a bit of grissle, or leave a little fat on for added flavour.
Seasoned Flour
1/2 cup malt vinegar
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 tablespoon worcester sauce
S/Pepper, carrots diced ,1 onion sliced.
Depending on size of meat pack used you may need a little water 1/2-1 cup.
Turn cooker to high on to heat.
Toss meat in seasoned flour to coat sear in sc inner with little oil in batches, when last batch done add sliced carrots and onions.
Mix vinegar, worcester sauce, brown sugar, s/p water, if using pour over meat and veg so meat is almost covered, bring up to the boil stir and put in preheated cooker. Turn heat to low lid on and cook. Dinner time If juice is a little thin turn cooker up to high thicken with cornflour/water paste 1/2 hr before serving. If doing meatballs with mince,i leave out vegs make your fav recipe meatballs toss in seasoned flour, brown and pour mixed sauce over them and cook on low. Serve with rice and veg of choice. For larger quantities of meat just make more sauce, you might need to cook it a bit longer, depends on your cooker.

samanya, Jun 11, 5:41am
I ordered a few beef cheeks today . they fit the criteria for that delicious glutinous meat . but then I'm not cooking for an army, only me. but it's certainly 'stew' weather here . warms the cockles of the heart stuff, huh?

beaker59, Jun 12, 7:11am
OOOHHHHHHHH yeah love the beef cheeks try cooking them as usual but whole its like eating a super sticky soft steak with really good gravy. Yes I usually do about 2 Kg of beef cheeks at a time.

autumnwinds, Jun 12, 11:40am
** bump**

a good time to bring up a made-from-scratch thread.
just waiting for a HUGE oxtail stew to cool enough to put in fridge, so I can take the fat off in the am. lovely odour of rich, thick, thoroughly luscious meaty stew and the lingering smell of cooked thyme (3 varieties) from the huge bunch, tied with culinary cord, in the bin.

valentino, Jun 13, 3:05am
Hmmmm try oxtail in a stew instead of gravy beef, yummmm.


samanya, Jun 13, 5:54am
I love oxtail . haven't had it for a while, though.

awoftam, Jun 13, 7:56am
I love it too - that, beef cheek and cross cut blade would be my fav cuts - all are now ridiculously expensive; particularly oxtail given most of it is bone.

samanya, Jun 14, 7:05am
I know what you mean. The beef cheeks I picked up today, were way more expensive than last time.
I cooked one (in my pressure cooker) tonight with a dash of red wine, mushrooms , onion & a few herbs etc & with a baked potato & coleslaw . it was simple but delicious.

samanya, Jun 14, 7:06am
I know what you mean. The beef cheeks I picked up today, were way more expensive than last time.
I cooked one (in my pressure cooker) tonight with a dash of red wine, mushrooms , onion & a few herbs etc & with a baked potato & coleslaw . it was simple but delicious.
It's been a stew type day here, raw & cold . comfort food was in order.

fifie, Jun 14, 7:39am
Got a nice recipe Valentino for a oxtail stew. Found one in the bottom of the freezer today I forgot I had, so must use it.

valentino, Jun 14, 8:15am
Took a leaf out of Heston. That is to cook the oxtails via pressure cooker then allow to cool.
Get all the meat of the bones and discard the bones but save the liquid.
Ideal meat and stock to use for stews etc.

Just simply cook some chopped onion, once cooked add the meat and sufficient liquid. Add some seasoning like a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce, 1/2 tsp salt, and just heat all then add a thickening if desired like 2 tablespoon flour mixed with a bit of water to a runny paste and mix in. Taste as you go and alter the seasoning to suit. Serve with nice veges. One can do dumplings to suit if wish but more time needed for these to cook.

NB: that Bistro Gravy powder is okay to use as well like 2 tablespoons goes well in the above too if want something more, it all comes down to personal taste as you go.

Editing to note if no pressure cooker then do it as if you are doing bacon bones for a soup.


valentino, Jun 14, 8:37am
Oh, one can make a more concentrated oxtail Liquid - stock by bringing the liquid back to boiling and simmer to reduce the liquid to suit your own self wise-style. Is beautiful and lovely to do for a richer natural meaty stock - liquid.

karlymouse, Jun 14, 10:03am
I always prefer my casseroles or stew meat browned in pan first as well the vegetables. I dislike the thought of blood from unbrowned meat floating around in the liquid .

valentino, Jun 14, 9:18pm
And further to the Oxtail stew, you can add whatever veges like cubed potatoes, peas, carrots, etc. but will require extra cooking time for most veges to be cooked. Perhaps just par-boil first then add.


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