Breville BBM100 breadmaker - bread rolls

canarylegs, Dec 23, 10:29pm
Where do I take out the dough as I really want to amke bread rolls, i made by hand yesterday and I clearly didnt knead it enough as they werent that fluffy and didnt rise on the bench. so just wanting to know where do I stop it on this machine so it risen and I can separate on the bench. I know I saw somewhere online before but I cant find it now thanks

samanya, Dec 24, 12:34am
Does it have a 'dough' setting . that's what I use.

murrayj1, Dec 24, 1:26am
Yep, I have this machine and use the dough setting, then shape and stand for about 30-40 mins before baking.

lilyfield, Dec 27, 5:01pm
Yes, ditto

nauru, Dec 28, 6:47am
I use the dough setting most as I like to shape and bake different breads. Off the subject but I also have a jam setting on my Breville breadmaker and use that a lot to make reduced sugar jams. The whole process takes 1 hour 20 mins and makes a couple of jars at a time. No more burning pots either and it makes a great marmalade using the whole fruit. I never buy jams & marmalades anymore.

lythande1, Nov 10, 6:02pm
I never use anything except dough, shape my own loaves as well.
Works well, if not the right consistency, adjust the recipe.

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