Chicken Chow Mein Recipe off the Highmark Noodles

darkestangel1, Apr 6, 12:12pm
Please share with us your wisdom and experiences!

dreamers, Apr 7, 2:33am
You marinate the meat in soy,honey oil,garlic,then stir fried ,remove then do the vege ,I think they also told you to mix up cornflour chicken stock and water and add at the end once you have added the meat but I never bothered with that part.

violetsareblue, Apr 7, 11:23am

Just wondering if anyone might have the chicken chow mein recipe that used to be on the red crispy Highmark Noodles packets ?

Thanks in advance.

lythande1, Oct 7, 5:41am
As I remember it's just your veges and chicken, and soy sauce. Nothing special.