Kelp noodles.

sphinx460, Jan 5, 4:33am
Anyone in Wellington region know where I can find kelp noodles! Thanks.

uli, Jan 5, 5:10am
Noodles made from wheat with kelp added!

Or kelp cut into noodle shapes!

Pacific Harvest sells kelp products in NZ:

sphinx460, Jan 5, 5:15am
Kelp cut into noodle shapes. The main author of the cookbook that has recipes using kelp noodles is based in New Zealand, so have emailed her, but was hoping other people may have used them before.

uli, Jan 5, 5:33am
I haven't seen the kelp spaghetti one in NZ, but I eat these ones occasionally:

Maybe that is what the author meant!

Kelp is very tough and I doubt you could chew it even after hours of cooking!

bean_pod, Jan 5, 5:44am
They look and sound fabulous.

sphinx460, Jan 5, 7:59am
Where have you gotten it from in the past!

uli, Jan 5, 8:11am
I buy them directly from pacific harvest.
Go to their website - there is an order form if I remember correctly.

sphinx460, Jan 5, 9:15am
Thanks for that, have since found with the help of a friend, who also stock it.

uli, Jan 5, 9:36pm
Interesting link sphinx460 - not sure about the exorbitant prices though!
350g of yacon syrup for $37 plus freight - phew! I should make some myself and sell it by the looks :)

sphinx460, Jan 6, 7:13am
Managed to pick up some kelp noodles at Commonsense Organics in Wellington. Slightly more expensive than; but no freight fee

uli, Jan 6, 8:10am
Hope you like them - report back once you have eaten them please!