Can I sub s/r flour for baking soda in

malcovy, Sep 22, 12:10am
No. Baking soda will be needed for this.

harrislucinda, Sep 22, 2:39am
if using self raising flour leave b soda out
soda is a raising agent is needed with plain flour

valentino, Sep 22, 3:39am
If baking with fruit, baking soda is required, you need to use it whenever fruit is used.

petal1955, Sep 22, 6:28am
You dont need baking soda in a fruit cake the purpose of it is to make the cake dark. use the fruit as its far better and tastes nicer

valentino, Dec 23, 6:51am
To me using baking soda whenever baking things with fruit in it is ideal.
Just gives that extra touch.


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