The jelly for the trifle .

nic48, Dec 23, 4:15am
Can I make it the day before I make the trifle? It’s supposed to be set right? Then broken up for the trifle? Or should it be pourable? TIA

melford, Dec 23, 4:22am
I make the jelly up and pour it over the broken up sponge and then I add the sherry or brandy on top. Then put the bowl in the fridge until the jelly has set then add the fruit and juice and next the custard. Just before serving add whipped cream and a crumbled up flake

fifie, Nov 14, 5:07pm
I dip swiss roll slices in booz or orange juice if for kids, cover bottom and some round side of big bowl. Add some fruit salad, make up a jelly when its starting to set put on top of fruit, into fridge to set, then add plenty cold creamy custard let set, decorate with whipped cream, fruit and choc curls.

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