Italian Pasta Salad Recipe like PnS

..pip.., Feb 27, 4:55am
I am probably dreaming but I'm sure I once saw someone post a recipe that apparently tasted very much like the Italian pasta salad you can buy at Pak n Save (The one with baby salami and a little red capsicum) I have done a search and can't find it.

So am I dreaming or did someone happen to save it?


buzzy110, Feb 27, 5:08am
I know I don't eat the stuff but I was a vego once and made a lot of pasta salads. They are simplicity itself to make. Buy a spoonful and try it. You will be able to figure out what goes into it. Mostly supermarket Delis never use expensive mayo, oils or vinegar. It will be Eta brand mayo or canola/grapeseed oil and DYC white vinegar which they buy in bulk and then the added stuff. Usually it is made in bulk in a factory and distributed to shops. But if in doubt and the ingredients are not listed on the price label stuck on the packet of the spoonful you ordered, ask to read the ingredients folder. They are required by law to let you see it. Take a photo and work from that. That is unless someone can provide you with an actual recipe.

mal331, Oct 19, 12:40pm
I make it at home with ETA Italian dressing.

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