Curried Sausages

firob, May 29, 3:49am
Okay, I want a good recipe for Curried Sausages. Many thanks.

deanna14, May 29, 4:14am
Fry your onions till translucent, fry your curry powder or paste with the onions till fragrant, add liquid stock OR hot water and stock powder (beef or chicken) add your chopped up precooked sausages or your preferred whole raw ones and simmer. (You can remove these and slice if you want later when they look cooked) You can add, carrots and you could have also fried some celery with the onions. Thicken before serving. Salt and pepper.

Mr D likes some Worcestershire sauce in the mixture too.

eastie3, May 29, 5:09am
I brown beef sausages and remove from pan. Then fry ground cumin,garam masala,chilli flakes,coriander and turmeric with sliced onions and when soft add garlic and cook gently.Add the sausages and season well. Veges I usually use are carrots,orange kumara,spinach,anything I've got in the fridge. Beef stock,tomato paste and a tin of chopped tomatoes go into the pan as does a handful of rice if I'm making it as a one pot meal.Simmer until rice and veges are done. Thicken with cornflour if necessary.When the kids were young this would feed 5-6, for dinner. Now it makes 2-3 portions for two people. It's a great quick meal to have in the freezer.

motorbo, May 29, 6:05am
my mother always cooked pork sausages differently from beef . i think she cooked the pork sausages in milk and the beef in stock

fifie, May 29, 6:07am
My lazy slowcooker curried sausages.Beef sausages , onion, beef stock, table spoon tomato paste, s/p, good slug Worcester sauce, good teaspoon hot curry powder , sliced carrot, few frozen peas, cornflour paste to thicken.
Brown sausages cut in half put in cooker, add onions and carrots sliced curry powder, tomato paste,Worcester sauce, s/p to pan stir till all blended and onions start going soft, add to saus in cooker. Add beef stock to pan rub to de glaze pan, depending on how many saus using you may need to add little water as well, bring to simmer pour into cooker cook on low.Near Dinner time turn cooker to high add some frozen peas, thicken with a cornflour paste, cook about 1/2 hour serve on rice or mashed spuds with a green veg of choice.

vomo2, May 29, 7:11am
Easy peasy, but pre boiled sausages and add a can of 'Watties Just Add Mince, Curry flavour' delicious!

245sam, May 29, 7:16am
firob, here's a recipe that I recommend - it's from the former Trade Me Cooks.

"Julies Famous (on trademe!) Curried Sausages
In a large deep frying pan or electric frypan, melt 25 gms butter. Don't let it spread all over the pan. keep in a smallish area. On top of that as it melts, place 1-2 tsps each of ground coriander and ground cumin (or 1-2 tsp curry powder) and 1 tsp of turmeric. Mix the spices into the butter and cook a minute or two till the spice flavour has expanded. Use kitchen scissors to chop uncooked sausages (I use pork sausages) into about four pieces. Stir through the butter and spice mix. Add 1-2 chopped onions and 1-2 chopped carrots and stir through also. Cook a few minutes stirring every now and then, till the sausage and onion are starting to brown a little and the mix is sticking to the pan surface. Add 2 cans of chopped tomatoes and stir through. A wooden spatula is easiest for this - and will help you lift the brownings from the surface of the pan to mix through to give extra flavour. Add 1 can coconut cream-400gm (I use the lite version) and stir through. Add a handful of coconut and another of sultanas, and one or two chopped bananas. Maybe some apple. Simmer all together for 1 - 1 1/2 hours or till the mix is as thick as you want. I don't thicken it as the flavour is better this way. Season to taste and serve on rice. Make lots as it tastes great the next day. I'd use about 10-12 sausages for this size mix. up to you how many you add. I also sometimes add several scrubbed and chopped potatoes or kumara to the recipe too, when adding the onions. tastes good too. Some fruit type chutney is nice added too. It's a great recipe for a pot luck also. Make extra as it's great reheated next day. Hope you like this. it's a real hit here. Enjoy.
posted by juliewn" :-))

tinkagirl, Jun 1, 3:36am
ok my husband loves this and its so easy its not funny.
about 1 cup milk
1-2 teaspoon curry power (to your taste)
salt and pepper if desired (I only use salt, about 1/2 teaspoon)
about 2 tablespoons flour
Juice from 1 small can of pineapple pieces (keep the pineapple)
Put above in shaker and shake the hell out of it to mix.
Put in microwave jug and add a knob of butter.
Put in the microwave for a minute at a time until thick. Add more milk if too thick.
Cook a sliced onion until cooked but not browned.
Add pineapple pieces to the onion just to heat through.
Cook sausages however you want, be it boiled/fried/grilled then cut into bite size pieces.
Add the onion, pineapple and sausages to the sauce and serve over mashed potatoes (made with lots of real butter - yum)

battgirl, Jun 1, 3:41am
My little Polish Nana's version of "curried" (if you can call it that given how basic it is) sausages is still my favourite.

Boil your sausages and some eggs until cooked. Cut sausages into slices and eggs into bits.

Make a basic white sauce with a few good tablespoons of curry powder (or more if you actually want some heat) and some sultanas chucked in (you can fight over them or pick them out later).

Once the sauce has thickened add your sausages and eggs.

Serve over rice (or not, it's hearty enough on its own).


I sprinkle chilli flakes on mine, but don't tell Nana.

usualsuspect, Sep 3, 9:08am
my mother always made curried sausages by boiling the sausages chop into bite size pieces and set aside boil some eggs, peel chop into quarters and set aside chop onion into quarters and set aside. make a white sauce the usual way and then add onion sausages and lastly the boiled egg and add curry powder as desired. leave to simmer to cook the onion and heat the egg and sausages through. we loved it as kids and it wasn't that horrible green colour. amount of sausages eggs curry and onion is up to individual taste