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murfee, Mar 1, 7:30pm
At the risk of starting world war 3 I'm wanting some info about southern cheese rolls - BRAVE ME!
I'm not really interested in any skitey type posts over the 'bestest most secret recipe that I'd have to kill you if I told you' - I'm an ex southerner so happy to use my probably 'not as good as someone elses recipe'.
Can you tell I've read previous message boards on the topic which made me laugh as well as raise my eyebrows at the passion! (I shared them with my class (college students who were mystified at the fervour - "It's hard to find the perfect woman" :-) and they are from Marlborough)
What I am wanting assistance/advice with is price. My class is keen to make cheese rolls to sell as a fundraiser - how much is the going rate per dozen? Any advice appreciate . . . . and the comments are definitely tongue in cheek!

rainrain1, Mar 1, 8:26pm
The winning recipe Dunedin 2010
- 500g grated cheese (Mainland Mild Blend or Mild Cheddar)
- 1 tin Nestle Carnation evaporated milk
- 1 pkt Maggi onion soup mix
- 1 finely chopped onion
- 1 tsp mustard powder1 cup cream

- Heat in microwave for six minutes, stirring in between time.

- Cool, spread lengthways on to long-cut white bread from Marlow's Bakery, South Dunedin.

- Roll into cheese rolls using three folds.

245sam, Mar 1, 9:11pm
murfee, I have made Cheese Rolls for our family consumption but never for a fundraiser nor have I been anywhere to see them for sale as a fundraiser. Hopefully someone else here is able to help you re pricing or alternatively.
What type(subject)/level/age is your class? Depending on the type/level.age of your students I would suggest that it would be an interesting exercise for them to choose a recipe then research the cost of the ingredients and calculate the actual cost of making up the recipe, remembering that they will then need to add a 'profit margin' in order to fundraise otherwise they'd simply be recouping their costs.

Hope that helps. :-))

lyndad59, Mar 1, 9:38pm
I buy one every week at the Café & it's $3.99 just for one ,so personally I would paid anything less than that for a dozen !

rainrain1, Mar 1, 10:54pm
I think they are about $4.50 a dozen for fundraising. but it's a while since I've bought some. also fundraisers probably have a filling that doesn't include cream

gennie, Mar 2, 12:23am
I think $4.50 is too cheap. I would pay $6 for a dozen and think it was a bargain (50 cents each). (I just use the cheese/evap milk/onion soup mix combo as easy to make). I would go up to $8 and not flinch. After $8 I might pause before I buy. $10 would be too much.

robyn35, Mar 2, 12:58am
bought some recently (well last year) they were from momery $10 a dozen. When you look at the cost of making them there is no way you would make money selling them for $4.50 a dozen

rainrain1, Mar 2, 1:58am
I have never payed $10 a dozen, for chain gang cheese rolls

ffloss, Mar 2, 5:54am
Just put an order in for 3 doz rolls $20 or $7.50 doz. Fund raising for our local bowls club. Yuuuuuummmmmm. Great with soup in the winter.

lyndad59, Mar 2, 5:59am
Gee ,that is cheap ! I worked out how many I get from my mixture & it costs about 5cents a roll . So they are not making much !

murfee, Mar 2, 6:13am
Thanks so much for your comments. My students are in year 9 and are actually going to research the Southern Cheese Roll as well as doing a break down of costs :-)

southerngurl, Mar 6, 5:17am
The ones that have been going round work are normally 15-16 dollars a dozen. The ones i'm picking up tomorrow are 17 dollars a dozen.

rainrain1, Mar 6, 5:24am
Wow, a caterers slice of bread per roll, or are they filled with gold?

awoftam, Mar 6, 6:54am
I must write the recipe down and try it at some stage. seems to be snack food nirvana.

badams1, Mar 10, 3:06am
Its me murfee, im the perfect woman, and I am from Marlborough. And I can make a decent cheese roll. gulp x

murfee, Mar 10, 4:46am
Wow that seems really pricy! They would have to be really good! I whip them up quite regularly as a quick lunch/snack - great with soup or on their own . . . . I'm wondering if selling them up here if they will be as popular as they were down south?

murfee, Mar 10, 4:50am
If you want a laugh read some of the old posts about Southern Cheese Rolls - there's even the "If I tell you my recipe I'll have to kill you" type posts! Seems to bring out the over the top cook's passion! If you google it there are a lot of variations on the recipe and some generous TM posters have provided their recipes but yes, they are yummy comfort type food :-)

nadineb, Apr 3, 4:41am
We sell cheeserolls $6.00 for 1 dozen or $20.00 for 4 dozen.

kbrough, Apr 3, 5:04am
Why is it just a southern thing they dont sell them anywhere in Wairarapa/ Wellington area

katalin2, Apr 3, 1:33pm
We were down in Central Otago over Easter and they were selling them for $2 each ( with garlic butter on the outside) at the Clyde Wine and Food Fair. They also had a market day in Alexandra and they were selling 3 dozen for $20.

rainrain1, Apr 3, 10:53pm
Good old Southern Cheese Rolls get a thumping every so often don't they! Who would think, one of the simplest foods in the world to make, which hardly needs a recipe at all (just a culinary flash to the brain, e.g, bread, melted cheese and fine chopped onion), could create such a hive of discussion. Make 'em and eat 'em, if you don't like 'em, tough titties! Best home made to your own taste, but perfect on a freezing cold shopping day in Dunners, with a bowl of steaming hot soup.

sticky232, Apr 5, 8:27am
We are doing cheese rolls at the moment and our ones are $6 a doz or 3 doz.
For $15.

ffloss, Apr 6, 2:20am
I have just bought 3 dozen for $20 v t om a group for fund raising. The group made 800 dozen last weekend from orders. That seems t o be the going rate. Make sure you have plenty of filling as there is nothing worse than a dry cheese roll. Good luck with your fund raising.☺

daves01, Apr 6, 2:38am
It's a real South Island thing though isn't it? Never seen them up here in the North Island . quite partial to them, had some nice ones last week when down there on holiday .

karlymouse, Apr 7, 5:05am
We charged $6.00 per dozen. last time we made them for school for the work and effort and the huge cost of the cheese its not really worth it at that price. unless you have access to cheap cheese somewhere. very labour intensive and unless you are super stingy with the cheese which we were not then I would suggest minimum $10 per dozen to make it worth while.

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