Beef Olives - - cooking time + temp

calista, Sep 29, 9:59am
I bought some beef olives at the supermarket and didn't ask the obvious question.

I'm guessing they would cook at 180c, does that sound about right? (not a fan-forced oven) - but any suggestions as to how long?

Any helpful suggestions welcome.

My own suggestion to myself is - remember to ask next time

karlymouse, Sep 29, 10:30am
If you think of it as lean cross cut meat with no fat wrapped around a stuffing then its a small amount of cooking time. Depends if you like your meat chewy or not really.

strowan1, Sep 29, 6:38pm
I cook beef olives the same way as I cook a casserole, long and slowish with added veges and a gravy, 160C for at least 2 hrs depending how tightly packed your dish is. Good luck, they're delicious, a slice of bacon inside each one if you make your own next time is a delicious addition.

fifie, Sep 29, 10:38pm
I rub with oil s/p Brown, then into the slowcooker add 1-2 sliced onions, mix up a packet gravy pour over them lid on cook on low. Yum with mashed spuds and veg.

calista, Dec 20, 2:59pm
Thanks everyone.

Fifie, I hadn't even thought of doing them on the slow cooker. Brilliant idea.

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