Can I make Pear jelly?

nimmicky, Mar 4, 4:37am
Without using a pectin additive sugar. Will it set ok ? I've just made my first jars of quince jelly and it looks beautiful, and was also given some pears, so just wondering ?

pickles7, Mar 5, 6:04am
You can, but pears are a little insipid, I would add a few apples myself. First off before using a ton load of sugar do you eat jams etc. if not, eat the fruit while fresh. Jams are so cheap to buy as you need them.

nimmicky, Mar 5, 6:34am
I left the pears to eat, and made a plum jelly instead. truly it looks divine and is quite delicious with a bit of a tang. Thanks for your advice.

pickles7, Oct 17, 4:01pm
That's the one, plum anything is popuar. I grow blackberries to make jam with. The only jam I make these days. I give most of it away to family as we just do not eat that much jam, only two of us now . By growing my own I can control the amount to grow.

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