Help! Cooking potatoes for Xmas dinner.

ubuthebirman, Dec 22, 4:48am
We are having our Jersey Bennie potatoes for dinner. Other night some just blew to pieces even tho I thought I cooked gently. M/wave is too small to put a whole lot in, what is everybodys secret to keeping potatoes whole? Thks

davidt4, Dec 22, 5:04am
I cook our homegrown Jersey Bennes by starting them in cold salted water, bringing them very very slowly up to a bare simmer and testing after a few minutes of simmering, when they are usually tender. I've never had any disintegrate.

If you are serving them hot you can either leave them in the water with the heat off for easily half an hour and drain them just before serving, or you can drain them as soon as they are tender, return to the pan with a generous amount of good butter and keep them over a very low heat while you get everything else on to the table.

bardwell, Dec 22, 6:26am
I agree. barely simmer is the trick

harrislucinda, Nov 15, 1:08pm
thanks for that hint i would have boiled the guts out of them as they say

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