Kitchen Aid mixer

freda01, Nov 13, 12:38am
Have seen a new one for$600. is this a good deal?

samanya, Nov 13, 5:45am
I don't really know, but I do know that Kitchen Aid appliances are fabulous, quality wise. My toaster is the best I've ever had.
I had a quick google & that does seem a pretty good price.
Maybe have a look here & that might help you to decide

cheekypa, Nov 13, 5:50am
Briscoes had them on sale the other week from 900 down to 400

freda01, Nov 13, 6:10am
Didn't think Briscoes had Kitchen Aid.

kay34, Nov 13, 6:53am
I saw kitchenaid in stevens on Sunday for $800 something - for $400, im bloody tempted!

strathview, Nov 13, 6:58am
Don't touch their cake mixers. I know of two that died and they cant be repaired.

glasshalfull, Nov 13, 8:59pm
I have heard similar.

OP if you truly want a good cake mixer buy a Kenwood second hand one here. The old model. Mine is way over 30 years old and it;s going strong.

samanya, Nov 13, 9:38pm
Agreed, I inherited my Kenwood & it has to be over 50 years old & never missed a beat (ha ha)

dansac, Nov 13, 11:22pm
I too inherited my first Kenwood, it actually looked like the Kitchen Aid mixers, my second one, the one I use now, I must have had for at least 30 years and is the same as the picture of the one above but is grey, still goes strong. Would buy a secondhand one in a beat. The new ones do not appear to be as sturdy.
Mind you I cannot comment on Kitchen Aids I have not owned one!

snapperheadrkp, Nov 13, 11:26pm
Check you are comparing Apples with Apples as there are a number or different Kitchen Aid models. ( Kenwood do the same trick) Some of there latest Chinese built models are absolute rubbish)

camper18, Nov 14, 9:29pm
My grey model Kenwood is 55 yrs old and only ever had a condenser and last week a new cord as the old one perished. Even managed to get a new whisk beater on trademe this week so looking forward to a few more years out of it yet. Will probably outlive me.

jobb, Nov 15, 7:53pm
I would never buy another kenwood. Lasted maybe 5 years, and was used at least 3-4 times a week. Have had my kitchenaid for 4 years and am really happy with it.
I do agree that the older kenwood models seem to last forever, if you can find one.

marcs, Nov 16, 10:40am
It is pretty hard to kill a kitchen aid mixer unless you constantly overload it especially when making bread doughs in it. You will kill any mixer this way. I have a kitchenaid in my bakery for 5 years. Never had to repair it and used it fairly hard every day. I have no issues with it. On the other hand the kendwood one was running fairy rough in a year.

kiwiscrapper1, Nov 19, 9:25am
. Briscoes dont sell kitchen aid

shauna6, Dec 1, 6:18pm
Had no problems with our kitchen aid, we got ours from Harvey Norman. Anything under 1000 is a bargain.

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