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kecal, Mar 17, 7:22am
is absolute cr-p compared to a butcher shop why is this ?
gave up eating meat for a while cause its so disgusting tried some butcher shop meat 1000% better.

melford, Mar 17, 7:34am
I agree. I bought Porterhouse steaks from New World, not on special either and they were absolutely tasteless. I should have stuck to my butcher they are always beautiful from him. It must be the butcher knows what to look for when buying in meat whereas the supermarket buy in bulk and obviously don't know what to look for (or don't care) as bulk buying and profit margins are their main concern. If the local butcher sold awful meat his customers wouldn't go back. I believe the supermarket couldn't care less about their customers as there will always be plenty who will just buy it for convenience

cgvl, Mar 17, 9:14am
I like buying from our local butcher mainly because the meat is fresher and I can buy just what I need. Not packs of 500g or 1kgs which are far too big for 2 of us. Our local is also cheaper, I get sausages for 50c each and mince I generally buy $2-3 worth at a time which works out to be between 250 -350g and schnitzel is about $2 a piece.

rainrain1, Mar 17, 9:37am
I bought a T-bone from local super market a while ago, and it was dam delicious!

lythande1, Mar 17, 9:14pm
It's not crap. But it is expensive.

jan2242, Mar 17, 9:29pm
Expensive and probably imported and palm kernel fed.

cleggyboy, Mar 17, 10:10pm
Aussy beef is disgusting and tasteless, Supermarkets stock quite a bit of it.

maryanne19, Mar 17, 10:42pm
I have no problems with my main supermarket meats as there are butchers on site and discuss with them any special cuts or amounts I would like - of course butchers are great and meat beautiful but are more expensive I have found

smallwoods, Mar 17, 10:57pm
Supermarkets buy in bulk from the same works that the local butcher gets theirs from.

oopie, Mar 18, 2:52am
Some of them do. Countdown don't have on-site butchers, all their meat is packed off site.

zsazsa777, Mar 18, 11:50am
Silver Fern Lamb and Venison is lovely and available at supermarkets. Not keen on their beef though. Kapiti Pak n Save and Waikanae New World sell good meat. However the nicest meat is also the most expensive so we have many meat-free meals. Their fish is also good but not cheap.

smallwoods, Mar 18, 7:37pm
Really, where does the carcass come from?

wasgonna, Mar 18, 8:47pm
What's that got to do with having their meat packed off site?

smallwoods, Mar 19, 4:51am
People complaining that supermarket meat is tough, the local butcher is better, blah, blah.
The only difference would be when supermarkets bring in meat from overseas and normally it the MB doing that too.
All meat in NZ goes through the limited works we have.
Supermarkets would use more than the local butchers by a long way.
They would turn it over more often as well.
Have known a few local shops that didn't know how to cut steak properly, you get that at supermarkets as well.

monofoil, Mar 31, 8:03am
Most Beef cattle in the country would be feed hay in the winter - and not because they are 'lucky'. Not all Dairy cows get feed palm kernel, and some beef do.

monofoil, Mar 31, 8:06am
There's a difference in how the meat is stored. Also difference in what the butchers do - supermarkets do notbreak the beast down (ie the meat is already broken into parts) where as some butchers do. No idea if that would effect the taste!

cookiebarrel, Mar 31, 9:59am
While we are on the subject of meat, what do posters think is the best beef meat to use to make your own mince with? Sick of the fatty mince from the supermarket and the high cost of the better, low fat mince, which is hardly ever on special. We use a lot of mince and hardly any steak or chops.

blueviking, Mar 31, 6:31pm
I buy the New York cut rump from Pakn and it's always great. At the moment they have whole scotch fillet for $20kg so you can cut that as thick as you want.

punkinthefirst, Mar 31, 7:23pm
It may be that the butcher's meat is usually aged for much longer, When my late husband and I were dairy farming, we always had our own beef. Sometimes we fattened a Friesian/beef cross steer, sometimes we had a Friesian heifer that was empty (not in calf). It all depended on what was available. The best meat ALWAYS came from carcases that had been hung in the farmkill butcher's chiller for about 3 weeks before being "broken down" into cuts. Sometimes, because of lack of space, they had to be broken down after only a week, and that meat was never as tasty or tender.
These days, the meat works use an electrical tenderizing process, and don't hang the carcases as long as they used to. If you have a good butcher, he will think ahead, and hang any meat he buys in his own chiller for a couple of weeks.
Also. muscles that work hard, such as shin are always tastier than the likes of fillet steak, which is very tender, but has little flavor. The tougher cuts take longer cooking, but the reward is in the great flavor. We just have to think ahead, and perhaps cook these cuts the night before.
We have lost the art of making the most of every part of the animal (who cooks oxtail any more, - or proper big slices of shin beef?)
Supermarkets, by and large, just sell what they CAN sell. They're not in the business of great food - just of making money. If we just buy what they offer, and don't ask for better, who can blame them for not catering to the discerning?

fruitbat, Mar 31, 7:30pm
You can always eat that LAB grown stuff.


rainrain1, Mar 31, 9:40pm
I'll fight you for the ox tail bud.

jan2242, Mar 31, 10:50pm
I'll have the tongue- can't buy that anywhere now. Where on earth do the go?

kay141, Apr 1, 12:37am
Try talking to a real butcher. I do and, though I often have to order it, have no trouble getting an ox tongue or tail.

rainrain1, Apr 1, 1:01am
Had a small ox tail delivered to my door this morning, plus a row of fillet. poor wee beastie was found stuck in a fence yesterday and had to be shot

boby11, Apr 1, 1:02am
In Auckland Countdown pack their meat off site

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