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sarahb5, Oct 26, 3:47am
Has anybody done this? Do you think it was good value for money? I am considering it and getting everyone to contribute to the cost (3 adult kids and their partners) because it would just be so much easier having everything sorted

aktow, Oct 26, 12:36pm
by looking at the menu i say it's bloody expensive . boring half ham and turkey,

lythande1, Oct 26, 5:55pm
Crazy, far cheaper to buy elsewhere

sarahb5, Oct 26, 6:51pm
I would opt for the salmon and lamb option - I don’t especially like ham

kaddiew, Oct 26, 7:18pm
The salmon and lamb option looks pretty substantial, and any leftovers would be helpful for the next day or so. Not my thing, but if everyone's happy to contribute to the cost, and it saves all the shopping, then why not?

sarahb5, Oct 26, 8:21pm
That's what I was thinking and I probably wouldn't cook it all for Christmas Day anyway as we visit friends and have visitors over the whole week as well.

clydris, Oct 26, 8:36pm
What other company comes up with a meal plan, organises the necessary recipes, compiles quality ingredients in the quantities required and has them delivered in a timely fashion a few days before xmas and charges much less than my food bag?
Of course you can get the ingredients much cheaper if you source them yourself, the added cost is the price if convenience. Not having to meal plan, not having to make a trip (or several!) to the supermarket during the pre-xmas madness.

OP, I think its a great jdea if thats what suits your famìly. If the kids object to paying for it maybe suggest a potluck meal, you could supply the meat and have them bring salads/desserts.

sarahb5, Oct 26, 8:40pm
Yes I always get them to bring or make something even if its only chips, dips and drinks, and we have a whole "dessert" meal one day over the holiday period because there used to be so many disagreements when they were younger about dessert choice for Christmas Day so we all buy or make our particular favourite - not great for the waistline but its only once a year.

Our Christmas arrangements have got more complicated since I separated from their father so we also have to take into consideration where the main Christmas meal will be.

jan2242, Oct 26, 8:44pm
Why not get everyone to make something to bring? Much cheaper.

sarahb5, Oct 26, 8:51pm
Because they can't/don't/won't cook - see above - I am happy to cook but sick of all the planning

sue1955, Oct 26, 10:27pm
Sarah - Nadia cooked these on The Cafe show this morning & talked about My Christmas Food Bag. If you go to & log in (or set yourself up for future viewings) you will find todays show. You will have to run through the show though because she appears a few times while making the dishes.

kay141, Oct 27, 1:32am
I know a few who have purchased the Xmas My Food bag. In their opinion, it was well worth it, as it meant one less thing to do in the run-up to Xmas.

artkat, Oct 28, 4:39am
We did it last year- 7 adults including 2 young males who are biggish eaters. We got the smaller bag and we had plenty of leftovers. Everything was tasty, and was easy to adapt for my brother who is dairy intolerant. Mum usually does all the cooking( won't let anyone else help) and she is keen to do it again

rainrain1, Oct 28, 4:52am
My Xmas Food Bag, how tempting is that? Wonder do they deliver to The Catlins

huggy5, Oct 28, 5:59am
I think it's a fantastic idea. No-one gets to whinge about what is served (not that anyone does that at Christmas anyway), and they can all contribute equally. Plus it would be a great talking piece because no-one will feel criticised if you don't like it - you are just criticising My Food Bag.
I'd do it if there wasn't only three of us, we'd have too many leftovers even with the small one. I'd love to do the NZ Xmas one with the salmon and lamb.
I'll try and make 7 friends this year who don't have families so I can do it next Christmas.

si50, Oct 28, 6:29am
Did it a couple of years ago and it was excellent. HEAPS of food.

zzwillrob, Nov 4, 1:45am
For the last two years I order a fresh turkey from paknsave 2 weeks in advance and pick it up the day before. It helps, don’t have to store it or have to defrost it.
I haven’t looked at the Christmas food bag deal yet but so far they are doing a good job.

autumnwinds, Nov 4, 2:14am
That was my thought this year. although there's the salmon/lamb option, this year's menu seems plain BORING compared to other years.

Would be okay if really time poor, but really, so expensive for that half hour it would take to shop.

artemis, Nov 5, 4:26am
Often do the Classic bag and looking at the Christmas bag this year. With the idea of packing up a recipe and ingredients for some of the family and leave that dish to them. Even the children will be expected to do some thing.

Sarahb5, that might work for your adult offspring - even if they only had to do a salad or pav it would help. They might get inspired!

sarahb5, Nov 5, 5:34am
I actually don’t care whether some of you think it’s lazy, expensive or boring (I would not choose the ham and chicken option) - I know my children, I know what they’ll eat and I know I don’t want to be eating leftovers for a week or throwing food away after we all go away for New Years - such a waste - and to be honest given the quality of their food, the amount supplied and the recipes included I think it would work for us.

I am happy to do the cooking just after 30+ years fed up with doing the planning and shopping as well as being time poor. Christmas planning gets a lot more complicated when your children want to spend time with each of their parents plus partners’ parents but if they don’t make a decision soon about what they’re doing I’m going to the beach and they can have Maccas for Christmas dinner!

sarahb5, Nov 5, 5:39am
You might be able to work out your Christmas menu and shop for it in half an hour but I’m pretty sure I would not be able to do so. The Kiwi Classic is for 8 - 10+ people so for 6 of us it would be plenty for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and at least a day or two after. $330 is a lot less than I would usually spend and it includes plenty of choice - I don’t see any need for nibbles on top of that.

fifie, Nov 6, 7:57am
Great idea sarah with lots of choices, brilliant for busy people.

trah, Nov 6, 9:29am
My daughter came round tonight and suggested we do a Food Bag Christmas, all chipping in to the cost, foregoing gift giving except to the kiddies. We looked at three different companies, and have ordered from WOOP. Normally I am the one doing all the planning and most of the cooking/organising, so this feels like a holiday!

bedazzledjewels, Nov 7, 11:42pm
Totally with you Sarah about all the planning and shopping. If I was going to be in NZ this Christmas, I’d be getting MFB.

sarahb5, Nov 8, 1:57am
Exactly - I’ll have a look at Woop too - forgot about them

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