Microwave Grill oven

I would be interested if anyone has one of these and your thoughts.
Is it worth the extra dollars to have the grill function?
Many thanks.

Chef_gaimon, May 19, 4:35 am

I don't use the grill much on mine , but use the convection oven all the time. I love it. Mind you there is only me.

Chef_paulie104, May 19, 4:58 am

Two of us, love my sharp one. Use the convection oven all the time, hardly use the grill only for cheèse on toast etc. Only thing i dont like with mine is the microwave is 800watt my old one was 1200 wt. Mine has a weight defrost function, which is good for defrosting meat etc if i forget to take it out of the freezer.

Chef_fifie, May 19, 6:43 am

Go more dollars, you can get steam too.
But as your only microwave? - debatable as usually combos, are lower power on microwave only, so slower when using only that function.

Chef_gpg58, May 19, 6:55 am

I got my first combination cooker back in the 80s. And until it died recently, I still had a convection microwave oven which baked and grilled superbly. But I didn't use it except for microwaving after getting a gas oven and cook top. So my advice is it depends on how much you like your other cookers.

Chef_cosimo, May 19, 6:56 am

Thanks for your replies. I'm still undecided. lol

Chef_gaimon, May 20, 1:55 am

What are you wanting out of it?

I don't use the grill often, the microwave and convection side of things get hammered. My husband commented at one stage that I barely used the big oven.

I still use the big oven sometimes, but not so much.

Oh, I have a Panasonic.

Chef_unknowndisorder, May 20, 4:11 am

if its any help using my combo little oven has dropped the power bill down quite a bit. But its small, and probably not work if your cooking for a large family.

Chef_fifie, May 20, 6:27 am

Panasonic it is then.
Thanks again.

Chef_gaimon, May 21, 3:57 am

Probably not. Depends on what you want to grill and how often. Other appliances could be used.

Chef_amasser, May 21, 6:27 am

I just bought a 1100 wt. Sharp mic. conv. grill, and love it.

Chef_pickles7, May 28, 10:33 pm

Good one pickles, they are great eh! Love mine to. Hardly use big oven, only when the kids arrive and i have to cook bigger meals.

Chef_fifie, Sep 12, 6:52 pm