Tell me about aluminium roasting dishes.

mndy1, Mar 4, 6:52am
I have an old aluminium pan that I grill chops in. It has a coating that is starting to wear off. It is the only pan I can use where the chops don't burn and doesn't smoke. I don't know why. Where could I get another one of these that doesn't cost the earth.

petal1955, Mar 4, 7:06am
Buy the aluminum foils roating dishes from the $2 shop get 3 for $5.can be re used when they get too grotty just throw them away. they are brillant

mndy1, Mar 4, 7:06am
And how does it compare with enamel and stainless steel. I wonder if the steel gets too hot.

toyboy3, Mar 5, 1:21am
When cooking with stainless steel it maybe easier to clean , but it is a poor heat conductor , that is why they put copper on the bottom of saucepans to help improve the heat transfer.Cooking cakes where even heat through out pan is required aluminium and plain steel are better

crazynana, Mar 6, 3:22am
You could try putting a piece of that aluminium foil that is non-stick. I have a pan that just fits in my benchtop oven and it is old so I got some of that foil and just line the pan with it. It is shiny on one side and the other is not. You just put the dull side facing up and your chops etc don't stick to it. It is in the supermarket with all the other foil, wrap etc.

wasgonna, Mar 6, 7:03pm
Do a tour of 2nd-hand, Red Shield and other charity type places. This is where all the old cookery equipment end up. Bet you find one.

blueviking, Mar 6, 7:51pm
Lay a sheet of baking paper on it 1st. This makes it a doddle to clean as well.

blands70, Oct 17, 10:41am
Really? "Just throw them away" is one of the reasons our environment is in such a state. We should be moving away from disposable everything.

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