Marshmallow fondant

nzbrat, Jun 14, 12:13am
If I made my own marshmallows would it work the same way? I have seen you tube videos on how to make it with mellows n icing sugar which I want to try but buying the mellows in bulk may be a problem. Thanks

madj, Jun 14, 3:12am
This website might be helpful, you can have them delivered!

nzbrat, Jun 14, 4:52am
that works out pretty expensive really

madj, Jun 14, 5:10am
It probably is slightly more expensive depending on the cost of ingredients to make some. It was an option :). I know places like Moore Wilsons up here you can get them cheap and also the Warehouse does have the large ones from time to time! I would make a small batch and give it a go :)

nzbrat, Jun 15, 2:41am
Thanks yeah I never thought of the Warehouse.

sarahb5, Aug 24, 7:12pm
I don’t have an answer but it sounds delicious

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