Simple ribs recipe?

wendalls, Sep 15, 5:32am
Hi. Can anyone give me a pork ribs recipe that doesn't involve BBQ sauce and hours of slow cooking? I know Annabelle L does hers in an hour but I can't get the taste to come out that good with her recipe I've tried.
Ever hopeful,

fifie, Sep 15, 10:37pm
My way is lay pork ribs in ovenproof dish not over lapping add 1 cup water cover with tin foil and bake 1-2 hours, depending how many and how meaty they are. When done remove from oven and pour over a sauce i make using a pastry brush coat well, pop under grill to crisp up ribs and caramalise the sauce turning once. (I buy ribs in a largish piece, and slice into single strips to cook, they cook quicker, these are yummy but need the sauce for flavour.

wendalls, Dec 25, 12:14pm
Thanks fifie, I followed your method and they were very nice. The sauce I made was too sweet for me not surprisingly since I'm usually low carb, but they were juicy and tender.

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