I have been given a tool called a 'steak hammer'.

elsielaurie1, Jun 28, 7:46am
Question is, how and what kind of steak do I use it on ?

sarahb5, Jun 28, 8:03am
Any steak you think might need a little extra tenderising

smallwoods, Jun 28, 9:23am
Good for ridding vampires, a steak through the heart.

jan2242, Jun 28, 4:14pm
Flatten out chicken breast to make schnitzel, same with steak.

lythande1, Jun 29, 12:52am
It's really for flattening out meat. to make it thinner.

sleek_lizzy, Jun 29, 2:27am
A neighbour has one and that's all you can hear once a week for a good half hour or more. I'm surprised he hasn't smashed his benchtop to pieces by now.

uli, Jun 29, 4:44am
It will smash the meat fibers and so when you fry the meat it will leak all the juices and you end up with a lovely piece of leather ready to sole your shoes with.
Give it to the op shop! Or if wood - start your wood fire with it.

socram, Jun 29, 7:59am
LOL! My thoughts exactly. One item of kitchen equipment I have managed to do without. I'd rather have a decent piece of steak anyway.

davidt4, Jun 29, 9:14am
. I have a wooden mallet which I find really useful for opening jars with tight lids - I use it to tap gently around the edge of the lid to break the seal. I also use it to break palm sugar discs into pieces. I would never use it on meat though.

uli, Jul 1, 5:15am
You made my day davidt4!
I usually hold the stubborn jars under warm water and then when they have adjusted to it and won't crack really hot water. This makes the inside pressure to go up and more often than not you can easily un-screw the lid. If I get desperate I will poke a hole into the lid and give the jar to the recycling!

karlymouse, Aug 12, 6:08pm
I bought one of those round rubbery things with dimples that say they help with opening jars. but it was no good on the huge jar of gherkins I bought at bin in. years and years ago we used to use an old rubber bathing cap. it was good. but perished

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