Pie Melons-recipes?

pengy2, May 9, 12:06am
Hi all. I have made pie melon jam for years but have never made a pie or anything else with them. Anyone have any successful recipes? I am tempted to just experiment, use my jam recipe as a staring point, there are melon pie recipes on google-but not specifically pie melon? I thought someone on here may have recipes to share. Thankyou

cookessentials, May 9, 9:55am
Sorry, I cant really help - I have not made anything with pie melons. I did Google recipes using pie melon and there were one or two that came up

guest, Jun 15, 2:41am
Jam Melon Pie was one of my favourites growing up. It was originally my Grandmothers recipe and mum used to make it often. I am drooling just thinking about it. Preparing the fruit we used to end up with pie seeds all over the kitchen on the farm, but what heck, it was worth it. I think you need them to be ripe, the seeds black. I did buy one from the grocer once and the seeds were white, it ended up a disaster. The pastry my grandmother used is something between a sweet and puff which I have never seen elsewhere. So here it is:

For the pastry,

2 cups Plain Flour
Pinch Salt
6 ozs Shortening
1 egg yolk
2-3 ozs water
a squeeze of lemon juice

Chop shortening into flour and mix with water, lemon juice and yolk. Do not crumble.(I think she meant do not rub in)
Roll out three times

For the melon

Chop up and take out seeds. Cook using very little water with a pinch of tartaric acid, cloves and sugar.

She used to only cover the fruit with the pastry with a pie flute to stop the pastry getting soggy. Brush with milk and sprinkle with castor sugar before baking. Great with ice cream.

I hope you like it!


trendev, Mar 29, 8:01am

Could anyone please tell me where I ban source seeds for the old-fashioned pie melon / jam melon / preserving melon (citrullus lanatus or citrullus vulgaris). I grew up in western Victoria during the 1950's and the melons were very common and used for jam, pie and pudding making.

Thank you

guestburnedette, Oct 30, 12:29am
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guest, Nov 29, 8:40pm
We have seeds you can buy.

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