Maggi Chicken Chasseur

poppy69, Aug 26, 5:12am
I used to love this mix and have done for years, however the "NEW" recipe that came out this year or late last year is awful and has no flavour. Has anyone had this happen to them? I have posted this in another thread but now can't find it so sorry if you notice it is a repeat

rainrain1, Aug 26, 5:43am
Tell Maggi, they might send you something for nothing. happened to me with another brand product. They sent me a grocery voucher after I complained of them changing their product

nick76, Aug 26, 7:28am
I agree the new 'one' is terrible.

samsnan, Aug 26, 8:02am
The new cottage pie mix is also horrible. I phoned them and told them but they didn't seem very bothered. The old mix was very good.

illusion_, Aug 26, 9:27am
they might send a years supply of the stuff. wouldnt that be nice of them

wheelz, Aug 27, 3:27am
If I have to use a packet mix, I find the continental brand better tasting.

twindizzy, Aug 27, 3:27am
what do you expect for $1.09 ?

norse_westie, Aug 27, 6:24am
Some of the new Maggi mixes have no gluten in them now. That could the change you are tasting. Its nice for celiacs though.

marie196, Aug 28, 6:39am
yes I have noticed too - and the old chicken coq co vin was lovely and they dont make it anymore

sarahb5, Aug 28, 7:29pm
Stopped using the mixes years ago - they're mostly just flour, onion and garlic powder and a few dried herbs anyway so pretty easy to make your own version

rainrain1, Jan 1, 1:56am
But not quite as convenient

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