Beef Bolar Roast - How?

we_egg, Apr 15, 8:20am
magj that sounds delish.

murrayj1, Apr 16, 5:10am
Stand at room temperature for an hour, then 30 mins per 500gms on a rack in a roasting dish, 160deg.
Stand covered for at least 20 minutes then slice thinly with the grain.

I always roast on a rack now, stops the bottom half of the roast stewing in juices at lower temperatures.

paora-tm, Aug 2, 10:08pm
The instructions on it suggest cooking as any other roast - the recommendation online seems to be to cook as a pot roast in a slow cooker. How do you cook it? I would prefer to cook just as a normal roast but am worried about the result.

lilyfield, Aug 2, 10:38pm
like a normal roast, just longer and slower
though I would prefer it in the slow cooker

rop, Aug 3, 12:04am
I cooked a couple from a homekill beef exactly the same as I would a topside - at 160 degrees until the meat thermometer said medium rare - they were surprisingly excellent, more tender than topside.

paora-tm, Aug 3, 12:09am
Have decided to take my chances with this.
There is some similarity to your mustard topside roast. Thanks. :)

mouse265, Aug 3, 12:44am
I agree with rop but you can put a pocket in it and fill with your favourite stuffing

lythande1, Aug 3, 2:46am
I don't, I prefer to use it for pot roast.

petal1955, Aug 3, 3:06am
Cook in an oven bag. a little longer and slower

linette1, Aug 3, 3:22am
Mixed herbs stuffing and slowly pot roast. A bit time consuming but you can't beat it

linette1, Aug 3, 3:23am
Could do it in the crockpot after browning the meat, must try that myself.

paora-tm, Aug 3, 4:59am
Time will tell (90 minutes) if I will have regrets about not listening to you.

rainrain1, Aug 3, 5:21am
Stuffed pocket steak!

rainrain1, Aug 3, 5:27am
"The bolar comes from the shoulder of a beast," Stephen said. "If you run your hand under the outside of your arm near your arm pit, that's the bolar roast on a steer."

He prefers it to the topside roast.

I don't know who Stephen is

"The bolar retains its moisture a lot better. You can roast it or use a slow cooker, but I favour roasting. That's just me, but cooked for the first couple of hours on 190 to 200 degrees and then at 180 for the last half hour will give you a beautiful piece of meat."

Stephens words, not mine!

mica3, Aug 3, 9:27am
Slow cooker sprinkle with packet Maggi onion soup. On low for 6 hours.
No added liquid but when finished there is very tender meat a d tasty gravy.

paora-tm, Aug 3, 11:51pm
The roast was ok BUT if I cook it again I'll go with slow cooker pot roasting. The meat wasn't tough as boots but it wasn't melt in your mouth tender either.

madj, Jan 10, 5:53pm
I cook a bolar roast in the slow cooker. I coat the roast in a mix of dry maggi onion and a pkt mushroom soup (I mix them together on a plate then roll the roast in it to coat). Pop it in the slow cooker, pour in beef stock til it comes up to about a 1/3 of the roast then slow cook for 8 hours on low (you can adjust this to how you would like, I find 8 hours to be just right and not drying). Remove roast from slow cooker, you can brown this further in a hot oven or just cover and leave to rest if you like. I then add a mix of cornflour and water to thicken, add a pkt rich brown gravy mix, turn to high and cook a further 1/2 hour on high (or you can transfer to a pot and cook on stove top for around 5 - 10 minutes to thicken and cook).

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