How long can you freeze bacon for?

Chef_carter441, May 1, 9:58 pm
How long can you freeze bacon for please?

Chef_samsnan, May 1, 10:55 pm
I have frozen it for up to 6mths and its perfectly fine.

Chef_carter441, May 1, 11:14 pm
Thank you. :)

Chef_muffin2, May 1, 11:22 pm
mine won't last 6 months. I have to pan fry it and eat it with eggs, mushrooms and tomatos

Chef_carter441, May 1, 11:25 pm
You forgot the sausage and hashbrown!

Chef_rainrain1, May 2, 5:00 am
Can freeze it longer than longer than 6 months. 1 - 2 years here

Chef_porka1, May 3, 6:56 am
So long as it is vacuum packed

Chef_smallwoods, May 3, 8:15 am
Depends whether sliced or whole, for the length of freezer time, the bigger the piece the longer the freeze.

Chef_popeye333, May 4, 4:21 am
Some can go salty after being frozen. So I don't add salt to anything Im using it in. And salt at the table once Ive tasted it

Chef_uswoman, May 15, 6:29 am
I like streaky bacon, and I get a big package and do this: line a baking sheet (one with sides) with foil. Lay out the strips of bacon next to each other but not touching. Place in a cold oven, and turn on to 200 degrees. Allow bacon to bake until done to your liking. Remove from oven, place cooked bacon strips on paper towels to absorb excess grease. Once cooled and dry, place strips on a sheet of waxed paper and roll up. Place the roll in a plastic bag and place in freezer. I don't know how long this will last - but not long in our house! To use bacon, take what you need from the pack, heat in microwave 10 seconds for each strip. It comes out nice and flat and evenly cooked without the mess of the frying pan. I put the greasy paper towels on the foil, roll the whole thing up and toss in the rubbish. Simple clean up!

Chef_kay141, May 15, 7:16 am
I freeze streaky bacon by rolling the rashers up, then standing the rolls upright in a container. Works best when the container is full, holds them in place, so I use very small ones which hold enough for one use.

Chef_rainrain1, May 15, 7:24 am
You will never know :-)

Chef_porka1, May 15, 7:01 pm

Chef_flancrest, Jul 31, 6:59 pm
No more than a couple of weeks.

Tried for longer, but it just keeps getting all cooked and eaten.

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